TRN V80 [2023 Review]

  • Detachable cable
  • Good technical qualities
  • Original design with high-quality material
  • Multiple color options available to choose
  • Becomes uncomfortable during long sessions
  • The cable may cause discomfort for some users

Listening to music in a high-fidelity setup has become the norm nowadays and people have been searching for the perfect solution to this problem. This specific product will help you achieve that goal with its high standard build quality and just as good sound quality. These in-ear headphones will be your go-to pick once you learn their capability.

The Linsoul TRN V80 is a high-fidelity earphone made up of a metal alloy. It comes in two different colors that can be chosen by the user. It is the flagship model of this brand giving you the best possible user experience money can buy. It has detachable cables for easy dexterity and has a built-in microphone as well.

These earphones are special because of the drivers that are included in it form factor. It has quad drivers making it a very powerful device regardless of its actual size.

Since it is made up of a high-quality material it is very durable against drops and scratches so you will not have to worry about any physical harm coming to your device. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our TRN V80 review for more information below.

TRN V80 Review

About: The Linsoul TRN V80 has four drivers that accompany its build. The higher number of drivers equals a better overall user experience making it very well for high fidelity functions. The detachable cables and opt-out mic make it very versatile for many occasions of use. So, most people will be able to utilize what this device has to offer.

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Build Quality

The build quality is one of this product’s most well-valued features. It has a sturdy metallic finish with a metal alloy body that makes up most of the device. It has two custom drivers that produce the audio tunes. Multiple drivers increase the potential of the quality of the output this device can create.

It has acoustic air vents with a detachable braided cable which is designed so that the air vents on the metal housing can regulate the airflow and pressure of the device. This allows for a more dynamic sound and increases the range that it can reach potentially which has been talked about in this TRN V80 review.

The jack is a 0.75mm cable that is compatible with almost all mobile devices including android and iOS products. The included jack is long-lasting because it is plated with a high durable material making it strong against bending and breaking. The 6N 4core 56-strand oxygen-free copper reinforced headphone cables are used by TRN V80.

The shape of the earphone has a very ergonomic shape making it very ideal for noise canceling. This makes isolating noises from external sources extremely easy for this device. These features combined make this product the perfect option for anyone looking for the best possible high-fidelity experience.

The metal housing’s unique form design will provide excellent noise isolation and ensure a comfortable fit anytime, anywhere. Three layers of tough enamel coating are applied to the hand-polished mirror surface aluminum shell. It is tough but light, and it gives you a great feeling.

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The TRN V80 is easily identifiable thanks to its entirely rounded shapes, with the exception of the vertical cut where the connector is located, which breaks away from the recent fad of using rough edges on earphones. This is not to say there are not any rough edges; there are, particularly where the front and back meet the sides.

The unusual, rounded shape, which can be comfortable, is countered by a larger-than-average scale, which causes the shells to press against the inner part of the pinnae and cause mild discomfort after only a short time which has been brought up in this TRN V80 review.

The TRN V80 creates a feeling of unease in less than an hour, and after a couple of hours, it degenerates into simple discomfort. Since ear shape varies from person to person, this is purely subjective, but it gives you an idea of what to expect.

TRN V80 [2023 Review]


According to this TRN V80 review, the product is sensitive up to 108 dB and has an impedance of 24 Ohms. It can output a frequency between 7 and 40,000 Hz making it have a very high range of auditory potential.

The lower frequencies are boosted by the TRN V80, but this is not one of those Beats-like signatures. Bass has strong extension and does not place too much focus on the mid-bass, which would make it bloated and obtrusive.

On the contrary, it is well-executed and sounds managed, and quick enough to handle reasonably complex songs.

Treble has a slight peak about 10 kHz, but it is otherwise comfortable and pleasant to listen to. There is no obnoxious focus, peak, or dip; it is mostly smooth, as in “smooth curve,” which has been said in this TRN V80 review, so it is “balanced” with good extensions that give it ample air and room.

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Initial Purchase

When first buying this product, the user will also receive 2 pairs of replacement ear tips just in case of any human error or external factors come into play. An earphone cable is also included which is accompanied by a user manual and a 1-year warranty with 24-hour customer service.

Conclusion: TRN V80 [2023 Review]

The TRN V80 are excellent headphones for the money. They are not amazing, but they are competent in all areas. It all comes down to personal preference. That is because the TRN V80 is a technically competent speaker with a well-balanced sound signature which we have stated in this TRN V80 review.

They are of high quality. They do not try to be something they are not; they are a decent budget pair of earphones with good sound, build quality, fabrics, and even design. If you want to buy them, go ahead and do so; they are a good product. We hope you liked our TRN V80 review, and it was helpful.

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