Sony XBA40 Sony XBA40 In-Ear Headphones [2023 Review]

Sony XBA40 Earphone can be seen as Sony’s signature earphone and that is one of the reasons why we are writing this Sony XBA40 review. Even though headphones are fine on their own, they lack stuff that you can only find in earphones and Sony XBA40 is a better alternative for a headphone.

Sony XBA40 comes with two types of earpieces so you can wear the one that is most suitable for your ears. If you are looking for complete sound isolation, these earphones can actually give you what you want. Even more, it comes with a carrying case to maintain it in a perfect situation.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Sony XBA40 review for more information below. We will be looking at its best and worst features in detail to help you decide whether it is the headphone for you or not.

Sony XBA40 In-Ear Headphones Review

About: Sony XBA40 has a double-layered housing to suppress unnecessary vibration so you can listen to anything you want in its full glory. Thanks to the stylish and conventional design of these headphones, you will not feel when they are on your ears.


One of the things we truly liked about the Sony XBA40 is its design. It does not have the classic earphone design and it does have the complicated and uncomfortable over the ear design either. We have to say in our Sony XBA40 review that this is just a perfectly balanced and comfortable earphone that does not cheap and common.

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You can feel that Sony had simplicity in mind when producing this pair of earphones. Also, the white and champagne gold color pops up really well and we can definitely say that the best part about this earphone is its color.

The body of the Sony XBA40 is wide since it has four drivers inside. That actually might be the reason why most people buy this. Thanks to those drivers, this one has so much power in its small frame.

Overall, there is not much to say about the design of these earphones in this Sony XBA40 review. They do not look cliche and they have a nice color which we loved.

Sound Quality

The XBA-4 is a dark-sounding earphone that we are sure bass lovers will love. The bass goes deep, and the mids have a lustrous purity to them. The metallic shimmer presented in XBA40 makes it the perfect choice of earphones for this genre.

We could not see this level of bass in any other Sony earphones that have been released before so we are really surprised with the sound quality in this Sony XBA40 review. Bass seems to be digging a little harder which is a huge plus for us.

The XBA40 appears even better than the other Sony earphone as a result of the updates it has went. The XBA-40 is extremely source sensitive and has an incredible ability to isolate instruments. It has a dense and intimate sound, which makes it also the perfect choice for listening to electronic music.

Build and Durability

The build quality is fine but not the best. The casing is plastic so we are not very sure about the durability of this product. That being said, nothing about Sony XBA40 feels cheap because of the plastic used. It is actually the opposite, this one seems like a high-end earphone that you have paid 5 more times the actual price.

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The cable is of excellent quality, and the jack has a good aluminum hat. However, we have to say in our Sony XBA40 review that Sony should have picked more durable materials than these, especially cables because changing them is not possible.

This one comes with a hard case and everything can fit inside perfectly. The quality is fine and it gets the work done.

Sony XBA40 also includes a variety of ear tips, including hybrid tips made of silicone and foam. They have their own responsibilities to isolate the sound better. If you are not a fan of these, there are silicone tips included in the package.

Why Should You Buy Sony XBA40?

First of all, Sony is a good and trusted brand that sells many audio-related products. They are in this job for a long time and they are recommended by most people who are into the music industry. We can also recommend them to anyone because of their good customer service.

Our Sony XBA40 review about this pair of earphones is mostly positive. The design is unique, particularly the amazing color. They do not look extremely unique or fancy, but they have their own statement out there.

The build quality and durability of the Sony XBA40 is above average, but we would like to see more expensive and quality materials used in the body and cables.

The sound quality is probably the best thing about these earphones. The bass is amazing, making it the perfect choice for rock and electronic music. If you are into these genres, we definitely recommend getting a Sony XBA40 and enjoying your music.

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Conclusion: Sony XBA40 Sony XBA40 In-Ear Headphones [2023 Review]

The XBA-40 is designed to be very comfortable and it does that really well as we have mentioned in our Sony XBA40 review. Despite their large size, the earpieces fit well ears and are light enough to be comfortable wearing doing anything.

The big body, however, can be uncomfortable with your outer ears depending on the shape of your ear. The XBA40 cable tangles less quickly and we think that is really efficient.

Overall, this is a nice pair of earphones that you can wear with comfort and ease. More importantly, it is worth the money and can last a long time. We hope you liked our Sony XBA40 review and it was helpful.

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