Beatles 1 Blu Ray Reviews [2023 Review]

In November, The Beatles’ best-selling 1 collection will be released and extended as CD+Blu-ray and CD+DVD sets with remastered stereo and surround sound. It also contains fully restored full-length videos for each of the 27 number one songs for the first time.

The Beatles 1 CD compilation initially came out in 2000. Of course, it was sold as a clean and tidy method to introduce the band to a new generation, and they did a good job at that.

We have more to say about this Blu Ray in our Beatles 1 Blu Ray Reviews. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Beatles 1 Blu Ray Reviews for more information below.

Beatles 1 Blu Ray

About: The Beatles 1+ contains over 200 minutes of content, including 50 TV appearances, promotional films, and clips, resulting in 23 additional videos in addition to the 27 Number Ones (1). The majority of these clips have been around in some form or another, but the low quality is fixed with this Blu-Ray.

What is in there?

Original promo films, classic television representations, and other specially picked videos from the band’s history have been lovingly restored using 35mm negatives scanned in 4K and digitally restored, as well as other processes like frame-by-frame cleaning and color grading.This has resulted in exceptionally high levels of clarity and quality.

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The regular two-disc editions (CD+Blu-ray or CD+DVD) include 27 movies, with extra features including audio commentary from Paul McCartney on three films and cinematic introductions from Ringo Starr on four of them. These are also available without the CD component.

Sound Quality

But it is the sound quality, which has been substantially enhanced over previous editions, that makes this set so valuable to have in your collection. As we mention in this Beatles 1 Blu Ray Reviews, the new stereo mixes offer a much richer sound, with rich circular bottoms and sparkling tops.

They do that while remaining true to the original stereo mixes. The guitars are thick, and the vocals are strong. You will hear guitar strings buzzing, breathwork, and a variety of other noises that transport you back to the days when the Beatles initially cooperated in the now-famous Abbey Road studios.


The majority of the video, as one might assume, shows the band lip-syncing to the songs, either on stage for a variety performance or in the films they produced to solve the problem of being everywhere at once.

With footage filmed behind “Rain,” “Strawberry Field Forever,” and “Penny Lane,” they developed the abstract music video. Each movie appears to have a compelling tale, as evidenced by the liner notes and audio commentary, and filmed introductions for some of the pieces by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

McCartney is funny when he makes a few lighthearted observations about the throng that encircled the Beatles on The David Frost Show when they sang “Hey Jude.”

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According to our Beatles 1 Blu Ray Reviews, during the production of “Penny Lane,” Starr expresses his distaste for riding horses, which he and the other Beatles had never done before.

The Beatles intentionally began shifting away from their mop-top image to the more psychedelic, surreal, and hip stage of their career, according to McCartney’s insights into how the film for “Strawberry Field Forever” was put together with Swedish filmmaker Peter Goldmann.

The Deluxe Edition

A deluxe three-disc set, 1+, includes a second video disc (dvd or blu-ray) with 23 additional videos, including Rain, Strawberry Fields Forever, A Day In The Life, Hey Bulldog, Don’t Let Me Down, Free As A Bird, and Real Love, as well as many alternate promos of classic songs like Paperback Writer, Day Tripper, and Hello Goodbye.

The deluxe version includes approximately 200 minutes of video footage in the form of 50 separate films (20 of which were not used at all in The Beatles’ Anthology, while others were used just in part or in different cuts).

This premium 1+ comes in a 124-page illustrated hardback book with annotations by music writer Mark Ellen, as well as improved packaging according to this Beatles 1 Blu Ray Reviews.

To make sure you are on board here is why you will want the deluxe edition, which comes in either double Blu-ray or double DVD formats. Strawberry Fields Forever, Don’t Let Me Down, Let It Be, Get Back, and The Long and Winding Road, Rain are included in the deluxe 1+ edition.

There are also various versions of certain songs including Paperback Writer and Hello Goodbye. Free as a Bird and Real Love, both of which have outstanding visuals, are also featured.

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Let’s be clear: as amazing as this bundle is, there are a number of drawbacks that hi-res lovers should be aware of. The first is the equipment they utilized to record their first two albums, Please Please Me and With the Beatles.

These albums were recorded using a two-track British tape recorder designed for EMI’s Abbey Road studios, leaving no capacity for a separate multi-channel mix according to our Beatles 1 Blu Ray Reviews.

Conclusion: Beatles 1 Blu Ray Reviews [2023 Review]

Hi-res For years, Beatles fans have been requesting surround sound versions of their albums, and in November 2015, a video compilation based on the current track listing from the massively successful ‘1′ hits collection was published. And they got it, as we have to say in our Beatles 1 Blu-Ray Reviews.

Giles Martin and his colleagues have developed fresh new 5.1 surround sound and stereo mixes of all the music on the Blu-rays and DVDs, which is fantastic news. The updated stereo mixes are also included on the CD that comes with this bundle.

If you want to buy this collectible, we highly recommend doing so because there are just many features that the fans will fall in love with. We hope you liked our Beatles 1 Blu Ray Reviews and it was helpful.

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