Best Keyboard for Making Beats [2023 Review]

If you are looking for the best keyboard for making beats, you are at the right place. Here we included three of the best keyboards for making beats for those who are in need of one.

If you are a producer who wants to use your piano background to build tracks, you might want to seek a keyboard with more keys. If you are a producer that depends on their ears and does not have a piano background, you could choose to go for fewer keys and more pads.

If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Best Keyboard for Making Beats review for more information below. There is not really a poor choice in this list so feel free to go and pick the one you like the most with ease of mind.

Novation 49SL MkIII, 49-Key Midi Controller
  • Bring MIDI hardware and CV/Gate synths together
  • Easily integrate hardware with your DAW
  • The perfect controller for Ableton Live music-making software
AKAI Professional MPK249 - USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with 49 Semi Weighted Keys, Assignable MPC Controls, 16 Pads and Q-Links, Plug and Play
  • Pro Keyboard Performance - 49 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive full-size keys and a premium piano-style keybed for...
  • Beat Making Essentials - 16 RGB-illuminated MPC-style pads each with 4 banks for 64 pads - the perfect solution for...
  • Assignable Control - 24 assignable Q-Link controllers comprising 8 control knobs, faders and switches engineered...
Arturia MiniLab MkII 25 Slim-Key Controller
  • Portable and Compact - MIDI Controller
  • The most responsive keyboard experience in its category
  • 500 of the V-Collection 8 presets / 21 Keyboard Instruments and Synthesizers / fully mapped right out of the box

Our Top Pick: Novation 49SL MkIII, 49-Key Midi Controller

Features: If you are looking for the best keyboard for making beats, this might be the one for you.  The Novation SL MK III is a powerhouse that not only makes it simple to lay down beats but also lets you do a lot more.

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With this keyboard, you can operate hardware synths and it also includes a superb sequencer. One of the most essential aspects of a session while producing beats is the process. This keyboard has been designed to improve your efficiency by eliminating the need to constantly look at your computer.

Because this keyboard lacks speakers, it must be connected to a computer or laptop to produce sound. This keyboard will allow you to simply sync your hardware without any issues. This keyboard and your CV/Gate will be able to operate together.

You may also use this controller in conjunction with the AbletonLive music program to easily produce live music. You may completely express yourself on this keyboard thanks to the included 8 track pattern-based sequencer. You will also receive a single routable clock for the entire system.

  • 49 Keys
  • Built-In Sequencer
  • 16 Pads
  • Best Option for Ableton
  • Nothing much

Runner Up: AKAI Professional MPK249 – USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

Features: This controller can give you a pro keyboard performance. It has unparalleled responsiveness and natural feel thanks to 49 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive full-size keys and a quality piano-style keybed.

16 RGB-illuminated MPC-style pads with four banks for a total of 64 pads – ideal for triggering samples, loops, one-shots, melodics, and more. It means this is the perfect choice for the ones who are looking for the best keyboard for making beats.

The control Knobs, faders, and switches are another pro of this amazing keyboard. 24 assignable Q-Link controllers with 8 control knobs, faders, and switches are provided for easy DAW / virtual instrument mapping. If you are looking for the best keyboard for making beats, this might be the one for you.

With an onboard USB-MIDI interface with a 5-pin MIDI input and output, you can control your peripheral MIDI gear.  This instrument’s control panel is highly user-friendly and beneficial for those who are new to these instruments. Akai is recognized for providing artists with a large amount of software.

  • 49 Keys
  • Great For Touring
  • Bundled Software
  • Might be over budget

Best for Budget: Arturia MiniLab MkII 25 Slim-Key Controller

Features: This MIDI controller features 25 velocity-sensitive keys, 16 knobs (two of which are clickable), and 8 velocity-sensitive pads in a gorgeous design. You may swap between two different banks, allowing each pad to do twodifferent tasks.

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The analog lab light program is a scaled-down version of Arturia’s Analog Lab V, with 500 sounds. It is a little restricted, but it is of excellent quality, and it provides you with enough material to get started.

If you are looking for the best keyboard for making beats, this might be the one for you. The MiniLab stands true to its name: it is a tiny, light keyboard that is ideal for taking with you while you are on the go. The MiniLab shines in matt white and looks fantastic, staying true to Arturia’s design line.

The MiniLab’s only two connections are hidden in a recess on the left side, which means they are relatively shielded. There is an input for an assignable footswitch in addition to the USB port, which also provides power to the keyboard.

  • Compact and light
  • Easy to configure
  • Analog Lab software with 500 Arturia sounds
  • Beautiful design
  • Noting

What to look for when buying the best keyboard for making beats?

There are some criteria to look for when purchasing the best keyboard for making beats and we listed them to help you out. If you do not know how to seek what you want and what to consider before heading to the store, choosing the finest keyboard for producing beats can be a real problem.


Price is one of the most important aspects of purchasing these sorts of keyboards since you need to know what your budget says and what class it can buy. Well-known brands, such as Akai professionals, are trustworthy, with a reasonable price and consistent quality. As a result, you must not overpay for inferior quality.

Number of Keys

Before heading to the store, you should know what you want and need. This will make it much easier for you to make informed decisions. Knowing the number of keys that will make your job easier is an important aspect of this, and you should keep an eye out for them.


We have a variety of brands in our best keyboard for making beats review, each with its own set of functions and characteristics. They all serve the same goal, but you should learn about and choose the brand that is most popular with manufacturers like you. The Akai professional and Novation are fashionable and consistently high-quality.

How to select the best keyboard for making beats?

In this part, we will show you how to choose a keyboard that is appropriate for producing beats, whether in your home studio or on stage.

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A solo keyboard or a MIDI controller

The most essential factor to consider is whether you want to use a keyboard as a MIDI controller for your computer’s DAW or whether you want a standalone keyboard that can be used without a laptop. Every single item on this list may be used as a MIDI controller.

DAW’s Integrations

When purchasing a MIDI keyboard, you do not need to be concerned with the DAW software you use on your computer (e.g. Garageband, Ableton Live, etc.) because they all utilize the same MIDI standards andare fairly interchangeable.

However, certain MIDI controllers are designed particularly to work with a specific DAW’s architecture and capabilities. For example,MIDI controllers designed particularly for AbletonLive will be built on the software’s session view and optimized for usage in that program.

As a result, if you use a certain DAW, keep an eye out to see if you can find a controller that works well with your DAW’s workflow.

Sensitivity of the Pad

It is wonderful to design beats with tiny fluctuations in velocity that would be there if a live drummer was performing to humanize them and make them feel less artificial and synthetic.

As a result, having drum pads on your keyboards that arevelocity-sensitive and can accurately reproduce your actions is ideal. These will simply convert to various velocity parameters on your MIDI notes, resulting in minor loudness variationsthat contribute to the groove and give your rhythms a more human sound.

The Keys’ Quality

Low-cost keyboards usually have extremely simple or semi-weighted keys, which, although handy for creating beats, may seem fragile or strange to artists who are used to playing the piano

Premium keyboards, on the other hand, are more likely to featureweighted keys and excellent hammer action, making them feel more like a traditional piano to play. Make sure you buy a keyboard that has quality keys in order to get quality piano sessions.It is true that keys make all the difference.

Conclusion: Best Keyboard for Making Beats [2023 Review]

I hope you enjoyed our guide to the best keyboards for producing beats. Each of these alternatives has a distinct purpose, and it is up to you, the musician, to determine which is most appropriate for yourrequirements. We hope you liked our Best Keyboard For Making Beats review and it was helpful.

There are a variety of keyboards available for producing beats, but they differ in a number of ways. The Novation 49SL MkIII,49-Key Midi Controller is our favorite of the bunch, despite the fact that it is not the most cost-effective alternative on the market.

It boasts excellent build quality, is enjoyable to play, and is well-designed to assist a beatmaker’s workflow. However, as we previously stated, there is no poor choice in our list of best keyboards for making beats so make sure you buy the one you like the most.

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