Best Small Mixer for Live Performance [2023 Review]

Mackie ProFX10v3 10-channel Mixer with USB and Effects
  • 10-channel Compact Mixer with Built-in Effects USB
Alto Professional ZMX122FX | 8 Channel Compact Audio Mixing Desk with Built-In Effects, Four XLR Microphone Inputs and Two Stereo Inputs
  • A Mixer For Any Occasion: Sixteen total inputs with phantom powered XLR inputs on channels 1-4 - perfect for...
  • Superior Sound Quality: High headroom circuitry offering extra dynamic range and ultra-low-noise for the best...
  • Tweak Your Sound: Warm, natural three-band EQ on all channels for adding studio grade processing to all inputs...
Behringer Xenyx 1202FX Mixer with Effects
  • 8-ch Mixer with Four Xenyx Mic Preamps
  • 1 FX/Aux Send Per Channel
  • Four Stereo Channels

A small mixer can be absolutely essential, particularly if you are playing live or trying to make recorded music. A mixer is a simple product, but there are things everyone should take into consideration. When purchasing one of these mixers you should know how many broadcasts you need.

Along with that, you need phantom power and effects, which are becoming increasingly common around the world. We have listed the best small mixers for live performance around the world for you. With these three mixers that we will discuss below, you will not need any other mixer for your recording needs.

Here are the best small mixers for live performance, without a doubt. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Best Small Mixer for Live Performance for more information below. We will be discussing their features in detail to help you figure out if these are for your needs or not.

Our Top Pick: Mackie ProFXv3 Series

Features: The new ProFXv3 from Mackie delivers a number of beneficial updates. This one has been renewed since the last model from Mackie. It is similar to its iconic ProFX mixer series without a big price tag. When looking at the mixer itself, you will see that there are a few features that other machines in this price range simply cannot have.

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Insert points per channel is a very useful feature that far too many boards lack. The mic preamps have been upgraded to Mackie’s renowned ONYX preamps. If you have the chance to test this mixer, you will see how good the sound quality has been since the last version of the ProFX series.

The only thing that is problematic about Mackie ProFXv3 Series is that not every channel has a USB return. Onyx preamps are used on seven of the twelve available channels in the Mackie ProFX12v3. These are known for sharp, clear, silent amplification at a low price point.

Even when purposely penalized for fuzz, these preamps were all extremely low noise and rated at 60dB. There are more colorful or open preamps available if you have the money but they are most likely to cost ten times the price of this Mackie mixer.

The Mackie ProFXv3 Series mixers are the most cost-effective option for live sound, home recording, and content creation. Everything you like about the show has been turned up to eleven. The best audio quality, adaptability, and dependability in the industry will be yours with this best small mixer for live performance.

Mackie ProFXv3 could make it to the top of our list because of its reliable construction and good audio quality. We recommend this best small mixer for live performance for everyone.

  • Easy to use
  • Priced reasonably
  • Good build quality
  • Improved mic preamps
  • Not every channel has a USB return

Runner Up: Alto Professional ZMX122FX

Features: The ZMX122FX crams a huge number of features into a small package. This tiny mixer delivers the same high-quality sound. It is equivalent to Alto’s more expensive models. The difference is, this is probably one of the best small mixers for live performance available today.

All Alto Professional mixers include high headroom and isolated, super low-noise mic preamps, ensuring that you always obtain the entire dynamic range of your mix. Luckily, this small mixer has all of these features coming at a reasonable price.

It can be difficult to see what you are working on within dark locations. Alto Professional tackles this problem by color-coding each area of the mixer. There are vividly colored knobs to make it easy to find what you need to modify before touching the mixer.

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The Alto mixer includes four XLR channels with switchable phantom power. There are also two additional stereo channels that can also be used as mono channels. Those channels come with their own separate gain control in complement to the level or volume control.

This is an effective feature to have on a mixer because it means the pre-amp can be tuned to the signal. There is also an LED peak indication, pan control, and two aux sends. In addition to that, you can find three-band EQ which hits the key frequencies of 12k Hz for the highs, 2.5k Hz for the mids, and 80 Hz for the lows.

All channels of this small mixer for live performance have a warm, natural three-band EQ for applying studio-quality processing to all inputs, including dynamic, ribbon, and condenser microphone inputs.

  • Sixteen total inputs with phantom-powered XLR inputs
  • Good sound quality for an affordable price
  • Three-band EQ on all channels
  • Improved mic preamps
  • Switches are bad quality

Best for Budget: BEHRINGER 12 XENYX 1202FX

Features: The Behringer XENYX 1202FX has eight input channels. The channels are four stereo and four mono. Furthermore, one post-fader sends on each channel, making it ideal for live and studio applications. To accommodate all of your input sources, it offers CD/tape outputs and inputs with RCA connectors.

The input options do not end there. You can attack up to four Xenyx mic preamps, and there are four stereo channels with two 14″ inputs. It has balanced 14″ outputs for delivering your mix to studio monitors or a sound system.

This piece of gear has a 24-bit FX processor with 100 amazing effects presets. The XENYX mixers from Behringer are both economical and inventive. It does an amazing job providing exquisite sound quality and cutting-edge functionality for a small investment.

In terms of sound, this small mixer for live performance performs admirably. The superior sound quality of this mixer astounds me. Its sound is superior to any small mixer in this price range. There is no hiss, only a pleasant and warm sound with this mixer.

The BEHRINGER 12 XENYX 1202FX features compression and other sound effects. The reverb is extremely detailed. In comparison to phasers and flangers, the mixer’s reverbs are superior.

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There are over 100 effects presets included in this small mixer. It includes reverb, pitch shifter, delay, and chorus. An FX send is available on each channel. In contrast to a normal mixer, each of the separate channels has only a volume knob rather than faders.  In addition, clipping LEDs can be found on the mixer’s four major channels.

  • Premium ultra low-noise
  • High headroom analog mixer
  • 4 state-of-the-art XENYX Mic Preamps
  • 3-band EQs for warm and musical sound
  • Studio-grade 24-bit stereo FX processor
  • Does not have a switch for on/off

Why should you buy the best small mixer for live performance?

A live mixer, in its most basic form, combines various audio sources and outputs. This is basically a simpler version of the speaker arrangement you are using. A single guitar and microphone might be used with the mixer, or you can do a lot more complicated work with different instruments and equipment.

The mixer provides a central location for connecting all sound sources. You can also get control over volume levels, input gain, panning, and EQ. Some mixers even provide special effects and those are definitely nice additions you should seek for.

If you buy the best small mixer for live performance, you will get all the features that a regular mixer could offer as we have mentioned above.

What are small mixers for live performance good for?

With continual technological advancements, there may never have been a better moment to invest in a piece of a small mixer. Small mixers can actually give you more than what you have asked for.

You can switch gears and perform other activities while using the best small mixer for live performance. Furthermore, some of those devices have unique capabilities that set them apart in specific areas of operation.

When it comes to in what ways you can use the best small mixer for live performance, you should set your own criteria and try to keep your needs in mind while purchasing one.

You can use your best small audio mixer at live performances for whatever reason, such as recording, pure mixing, etc. However, you will need a durable and quite rugged one. Your mixer will need some built-in effects and enough inputs to handle everything.

If you will be using external sources or backing tracks, a USB port, as well as an acceptable headphone system with its own gain, may be necessary for the best small mixer for live performance.

Conclusion: Best Small Mixer for Live Performance [2023 Review]

Our top recommendations for the best small mixers for live performance are listed above. To be honest, you should purchase what you need. When deciding whether to buy one of the items on this list, you should also think about the features you want and the channels you need.

We want you to end up with the best small mixer for live performance situations. There is not really a poor choice between these three best small mixers for live performance we have listed above. We hope you liked our Best Small Mixer for Live Performance review and it was helpful.

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