Khadas Tone Board [2023 Review]

The Tone Board is a fantastic USB HiFi Sound Card designed for music lovers. Its outstanding performance and usability will elevate the listening experience to new heights. In our Khadas Tone Board review, we will be looking at one of the best tone boards out in the market.

Khadas Tone Board comes at a good price and it is compatible with almost any operating systems such as Windows PC, Mac OS, Android, Linux PC, Volumio, LibreELEC, and Other SBCs. It is made with XMOS USB Audio to ensure a reliable connection for the users.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Khadas Tone Board review for more information below. We will be looking at its features to find out whether it would be a good purchase according to your needs or not.

Khadas Tone Board Review

  • Eight Cores
  • Core Share up to 500 MIPS
  • Compatible with every operating system
  • XMOS USB Audio to ensure a good connection
  • XMOS XU208 microcontroller
  • Stable and reliable
  • Capacity is restricted

About: Khadas Tone Board is made with the XMOS XU208 microcontroller. Thanks to that, this device is stable and can offer powerful functionality. This is a tool you can rely on for a long time if you are looking for a lifelong purchase.

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What is Khadas Tone Board?

This is a bare board DAC, as you can guess from the name. This is a standalone DAC that does not require the use of a host according to our Khadas Tone Board review. Except it does not come with a case, it is just like every other desktop DAC. The USB port and S/PDIF are used to control and navigate this board.

As you can see, the output is through a pair of RCA jacks with a high-quality look and feel.  There are two versions to this board. You can use one of them to connect with the host processor to match a DAC.

We have to mention in our Khadas Tone Board review that it is not common to come across a good Hi-Fi product that you can buy without paying lots of money.  Khadas Tone Board is one of the best DAC you can purchase right now and it does not require any knowledge to use it.

It definitely stands out with its price and it is definitely a rival to the more expensive units. Given the price and quality, there is no way you can regret buying Khadas Tone Board.

Khadas Tone Board [2023 Review]

Sound Quality

Khadas Tone Board can help you realize the tiny details in your music without much effort. What you will get this tone board is a transparent and see-through tone. Moreover, you will be able to see even the mastering mistakes. That is how good this device is.

This tiny tool has a clear and resolving tone, and there are not any products like Khadas Tone Board in this price range.

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To be honest, we have never heard jitter from this DAC. It is really reassuring that there was no jitter. There is also no sonic coloration. That is a fantastic thing as we have to mention in our Khadas Tone Board review. The rendition will be totally clear no matter what tracks you will play.


This tone board has a peak power of 210 mW in 32 on its 4.4 mm balanced jack and 125 mW on its standard 3.5mm jack. If you think that is not enough, think again because Khadas Tone Board is actually more than enough. If you are using regular headphones occasionally, you might think that Khadas Tone Board might be a little overkill.

As you would imagine, even with the standard 3.5mm jack, all responsive IEMs will be pushed to their limits. With those, balanced drive or high-gain will not be needed.

Why should you buy it and what to be aware of?

With your responsive IEMs and any headphones you might have, Khadas Tone Board is literally the only thing you will need. It has all of the possible needs you might have. If you are into technical stuff and want the best of the best, the Khadas soundboard will not fail while meeting all of your requirements.

Apart from the restricted capacitor, which limits current performance and driver control with planar headphones, there is nothing to complain about it.  This tone board performs like a serious high-end DAC.


Khadas Tone Board comes with an extended frequency response and dead serious neutrality. Bass output is impressive beginning with the lowest octaves as long as your headphones are fully powered as we have to say in our Khadas Tone Board review.

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All you will hear will be a clean bass output that is going deep. The best thing about the frequency response of the KhadasTone Board is, you can hear the layers of the sound. Mid-bass is not lowered so it is at the same stage. They also sound straightforward and as neutral as possible.

Conclusion: Khadas Tone Board [2023 Review]

In our Khadas Tone Board review, we discussed this tone board’s properties to help you out. You can get this piece for under one hundred dollars which arrives with free delivery.

Khadas Tone Board is a work of true engineering. It is packed with hallmark chipsets, op-amps, voltage regulators, and crystal oscillators. Given the size, this is simply an amazing tool.

What we liked the most about Khadas Tone Board is that every single material used in the device is handpicked while taking the compatibility with the analog and digital circuitry into account. This means Khadas did not made a sloppy job because they actually put effort into it.

What Khadas Tone Board offers is clarity, cleanness, and detail. You will notice all of these from the first time you hear them. Even more, the power output is sufficient for experiencing different devices. We hope you liked our Khadas Tone Board review and it was helpful.

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