EVH Phase 90 Pedal [2023 Review]

Any guitar player might have already heard about the importance of pedals when it comes to performances. However, there are many things to consider when buying pedals and there are many brands and choices in the market. In this EVH Phase 90 Pedal review, we will be looking at a good pedal for the ones who are searching for it.

EVH Phase 90 Pedal is a good example of the elegance and simplicity of a pedal. It comes in two options where you can choose the classic logo or the block letter logo according to your preferences. Since it has minimalistic controls on it, it is also easy for beginners to use.

EVH is a brand that makes many quality pedals, but is that really true? In our EVH Phase 90 Pedal review, we will be looking at the features, pros, and cons of this device to find out if it really lives up to the hype.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our EVH Phase 90 Pedal review for more information below. We are sure you will find something that can help to decide if this guitar pedal can be a good choice for you.

EVH Phase 90 Pedal Review

About: EVH Phase 90 Pedal is a good, user-friendly pedal and it is easy to use. Since the rate of the phasing effect is regulated by a single knob, even beginners can easily use it without needing any help.

Features: Despite Phase 90’s small number of controls, the knob covers a wide variety of effects. That makes the pedal incredibly easy to use according to our EVH Phase 90 Pedal review. You can jump from zero to some hard-core metal.

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The knob is responsive and simple to control because it is relatively big in size. Unlike the other Phase 90 pedals, it has a painted knob that makes testing and adjusting your settings a lot easier.

The history of EVH Phase 90 Pedal dates back to Eddie van Halen, who is known as Eddie and is a pro guitarist. He got famous for his handmade guitar and a pair of EVH pedals, so EVH Phase 90 Pedal was born out of this story. Since everybody wanted to play like this pro guitar player, EVH Phase 90 Pedal’s selling point was shifted.

So, we can say that Eddie popularized one of MXR products when it was first released on the market. He was well-known for using the MXR 90 in his shows, so they made a partnership between them and released EVH Phase 90 Pedal.

MXR pedals can be considered vintage as we can say in our EVH Phase 90 Pedal review, but they have a well-known tone because they are simplistic and good overall. Also, you can see Eddie’s iconic guitar look on EVH Phase 90 Pedal’s orange appearance because this pedal is covered in red with white and black stripes.

However, the appearance is not the only thing that makes this pedal an Eddie van Halen version based on our EVH Phase 90 Pedal review. EVH Phase 90 Pedal is the mimicry of the famous MXR Phase 90.

This pedal is a small one and its main point is quality. You can see that some high-quality materials are used without compromising on the lightness of this pedal. EVH Phase 90 Pedal weighs 11 ounces and is 5.8 x 4.5 x 2.8 inches in size.

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On either side of the phaser of EVH Phase 90 Pedal, there is an audio jack, which gives this pedal a distinct feeling that we are sure you will also realize while using it.

When asked to recreate MXR 90, the result sounded nothing like the original one. The block logo one of the EVH Phase 90 Pedal is the one that is dedicated to this new sound. You can switch between the old and new sound using a single button, which we think is pretty convenient and cool.

The MXR EVH Phase 90 Pedal adds a lot of effects to your notes without overpowering them or distorting them. The notes you play will sound simple and sharp without any problems.

What liked the most about EVH Phase 90 Pedal is its simple control layout. It features an on/off switch as well as a speed control knob. You can toggle the sound using the buttons and there is a blue led light that you can see even in complete darkness. All of this stuff makes EVH Phase 90 Pedal really easy to use.

An adaptor or a single 9A battery will power this pedal, which we found extremely useful when there is no power supply to power your pedal. Also, being able to run this pedal on battery power would be amazing for the musicians who travel a lot.

You can switch between the old and new sound using the logos, and sound like the 70s’ Eddie or the modern-day Eddie right away. This pedal does not require specialized skills to work, and even novices will quickly learn how to use it.

EVH Phase 90 Pedal [2023 Review]

Conclusion: EVH Phase 90 Pedal [2023 Review]

As we are coming to the ends of our EVH Phase 90 Pedal review, we can say that this pedal is a quality one that can last you a long time. However, you should keep in mind that this is not a multi-effect pedal, meaning it does not have many effects that can satisfy an average guitar player.

Also, some customers have been complaining about the quality of the painting of this pedal. Seems like it is of bad quality, and you might need to paint it back over time. But it does not seem like that is going to happen soon.

Overall, EVH Phase 90 Pedal is a quality guitar pedal and is great value for the money when you consider its features. It is true that this pedal might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but we are sure it will satisfy the right musicians completely. We hope you liked our EVH Phase 90 Pedal review and it was helpful.

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