JHS Muffuletta Pedal [2023 Review]

Picking a pedal for your guitar might be difficult because there are lots of options out there in the market. Today, we will be looking at this amazing piece of equipment in our JHS Muffuletta Pedal review to decide whether it is worth the money or not.

The JHS Muffuletta’s uniqueness comes from the fact that it consists of a whole wide range of classic Big Muff pedal effects. Considering that all of the effects are in a single unit, this is a deal that is hard to miss. Given the number of sounds and effects, we can safely say that this product is a one-of-a-kind fuzz pedal.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our JHS Muffuletta Pedal review for more information below. We will be looking at its  to help you decide whether it is the right pedal for you or not.

JHS Muffuletta Pedal Review

About: JHS Muffuletta Pedal has five iconic circuits, as well as one more called the JHS circuit. That one is considered a new approach to fuzz sound effects in the industry. The reason why Muffuletta sells a lot is that it is a true analog pedal that stayed loyal to the original unit’s circuits.

History of JHS Muffuletta

You can safely assume that electric guitar effects were invented by JHS because this company produced hundreds of iconic pedals over 50 years. All of their devices are of fantastic quality, however, Big Muff stood out more than the others and became the most famous fuzz pedal of all time.

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Various variations of this pedal have been produced over the years. The changes were small but they all made a difference and created new fuzz tones according to our JHS Muffuletta Pedal review.

What makes JHS Muffuletta unique is that it comes with different types of Big Muff pedal effects. That is why this one is considered an iconic product.

Size, Design, and Appearance

JHS Muffuletta has lots of stuff in it and it is surprising that how designed managed to fit all of these into a small stompbox.

Combining with its small size, this pedal is really easy to use so even beginners can use it without any help as we can say in this JHS Muffuletta Pedal review. The knobs are used to adjust the effects and they work in a really simplistic way.

What got our attention first when we were reviewing JHS Muffuletta was its small size. There are a total of six analog pedals in this device and its measures are 4 cm x 5.6 cm x 12.2 cm. Along with that, JHS Muffuletta is made of very durable and strong materials, which makes this pedal a very solid one.

The color of JHS Muffuletta is very simple and bright according to our JHS Muffuletta Pedal review, and there are plain symbols for ease of use.


There are four knobs in total and if you have ever used a Big Muff pedal before, you will recognize the three of them right away.

There is a volume knob to adjust the volume and a tone knob below that to adjust the EQ settings. Right next to those, there is a sustain knob that lets you set the amount of fuzz. The fourth knob, which allows you to pick the fuzz style you like, is the only difference from the original pedals.

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Instead of names, each fuzz pedal is represented by a small symbol. The Civil War, The Russian, The Pi, The Triangle, ’73 Ram Head, and JHS 2015 are the names of the effects available in JHS Muffuletta.

Cons of JHS Muffuletta

There is one thing that we would like to warn you about in our JHS Muffuletta review. If you have ever used a Big Muff pedal or looked at the reviews of one, you might have realized that the tone knob is a little problematic since it works well only with The Russian effect.

JHS Muffuletta’s single input and output are on opposite sides, and it runs on a common 9V DC adaptor which is sold separately. Which means you will have to pay extra.

Pros of JHS Muffuletta

JHS Muffuletta is possibly the most powerful fuzz pedal you can find in the market. It contains five iconic pedals, and all of them sound fantastic. It has plenty of mid-ranges compared to most retro fuzz pedals.

You can use that when you are giving live shows and performances where you are in a band with drums and bass. In addition to that, this pedal works flawlessly with a bass guitar.

Overall, JHS Muffuletta is a great pedal if you are looking for a small pedal that has all the iconic sounds.

Conclusion: JHS Muffuletta Pedal [2023 Review]

Overall, the JHS Muffuletta is a fantastic piece of equipment. It contains all of the critical Big Muff tones in one unit and it sounds amazing according to our JHS Muffuletta review.

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Comparing to the price, Muffuletta does not sound cheap at all and it is really difficult to find another pedal that is similar to this one in the market right now.

This is a true analog pedal and if you are a fan of fuzz pedals, this should be in your collection because you cannot find another device that can offer this wide selection of fuzz tones. When you pair it with a good overdrive pedal, the combination of sounds would be limitless.

So, we can definitely say that JHS Muffuletta Pedal offers the ultimate freedom to its users. Since this one has six effects in it, you can consider the price you are paying is equal to six pedals so we highly recommend JHS Muffuletta Pedal. We hope you liked our JHS Muffuletta Pedal review and it was helpful.

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