Hola Mandolin [2023 Review]

Hola is a company that has been around for a while now and they completely earned the trust of their customers. Their aim is to provide new and beautiful instruments for their customers and this Hola mandolin is one of their products that players loved. So, we thought that we might give it a shot and write a review for it.

Hola mandolin is an A-style 8 string mandolin for the ones who are looking for a traditional instrument.  With its maple top, back, sides and neck, this one is a pretty durable mandolin. It also has an adjustable compensated rosewood bridge and a glossy sunburst finish.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Hola Mandolin review for more information below.

Hola Mandolin Review


  • Adjustable bridge
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Built-in strap pin
  • Glossy finish and durable material
  • Comes with a comprehensive accesory package
  • Doesn’t project as well as higher-end instruments

About: Hola Mandolin is an 8-string traditional A-style mandolin. It is a great mandolin model for the ones who do not seek anything too extreme or too colorful. As a typical feature that you can see in many mandolins, the Hola mandolin also comes in a glossy sunburst finish.

Features: Hola Mandolin is made of maple wood generally because the top, back, sides and neck are of maple. The finish is a glossy sunburst finish which makes the instrument does not give up on its traditional looks.

Hola mandolin includes an adjustable compensated rosewood bridge which is a pretty decent feature to see in a mandolin. The neck has an adjustable truss rod inside of it, and the wrench is also included for the adjustments you would like to make.

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This mandolin has 20 silver nickel frets and chrome-plated open-gear tuners and a tailpiece. These materials are all the ones that you can see in high-end instruments and it is really relieving to see Hola uses these kinds of materials in their constructions of products.

As you can see when you look at the images of this mandolin on their site, Hola chooses durable and sturdy materials to build the body of this instrument. Maple looks amazing on mandolins but that is not the only reason why Hola chose this material. It is because maple is also a great tonewood.

Hola made the fingerboard of this mandolin from walnut. If you are familiar with these kinds of materials and woods that are used in instruments, walnut is a wood used in many musical instruments, especially in guitars.

Traditional ABS binding is used to decorate this mandolin’s frame, fingerboard, and headstock. Overall, it looks really nice and gives this mandolin a completely high-end look according to our Hola Mandolin review.

Many players forget the strap pin, which is a small but significant component of any instrument. It makes the job a lot easier if you want to carry it around or play the instrument while standing. The pin is already built-in to this mandolin, making it simple to strap.

A lovely chrome-plated tailpiece is also included in this model from Hola! Music. Additionally, there are some important points we would like to mention in this Hola Mandolin review.

First of all, mandolin bridges are not glued or screwed to the body. This is intended by Hola and they claim that it is perfectly natural. The strings push down on the bridge, which keeps it in place.

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We should warn you in our Hola Mandolin review that the bridge should be placed in the middle of the F-holes. If the bridge is not exactly placed there, you should loosen the strings a little. You can do that by gently moving it to the correct spot, and then tighten the strings again.

You can also adjust the string action. We mean the distance between the strings and the fingerboard by saying string action. You can adjust that in which way you want. You can easily use the two silver screws on the right and left sides of the bridge to do this.

ABS Pickguard is in black color and it prevents you do harm your mandolin while playing. This part is specially included to prevent the body of your Mandolin from being scratched by your pick according to this Hola Mandolin review.

We love a good mandolin pack but unfortunately, the price is only for the mandolin itself. If you want to have some accessories along with your instrument, you have to buy them yourself.


Conclusion: Hola Mandolin [2023 Review]

Overall, the Hola mandolin is a great one to invest in because of its affordable price and durable construction. As we have mentioned before in this Hola Mandolin review, this instrument is a traditional 8 string A-style mandolin.

The back, sides, and the top are all maple of maple which is a really great material to use in a mandolin. The compensated rosewood bridge and the truss rod inside the neck are both adjustable. In case you want to make changes to those parts, you are free to do so thanks to the wrench they include in the package.

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The glossy sunburst finish and 20 silver nickel frets are the things we used to see in high-end mandolins. As we can say in our Hola Mandolin review, luckily, this one has them all. We can confidently claim that Hola can give you what you want from an instrument.

We hope you liked our Hola Mandolin review and it was helpful. We hope you liked our Hola Mandolin review and it was helpful. You can also take a look at Loar Mandolin which is another great one.

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