Loar Mandolin [2023 Review]

The Loar LM-520-VS Performer F-Style Mandolin is the epitome of quality and resilience. This instrument has been the talk of the year and for good reason too. What this product offers to the player is outstanding regardless of the price point it is sold at. We will be talking about this instrument in this Loar Mandolin review.

The performer Series F-style mandolin is hand carved from a solid piece of spruce wood making it fully graduated and stable. Having 8 strings makes it a solid choice for mid to high level mandolin players or players looking to expand their dexterity in the musical arts.

This beautiful work of art will have you walking down memory lane of the 20s since it will make you reminisce about the music of an older generation. It embodies the raw traditional melodies that were once loved by all generations no matter the time period. The body is made of maple and spruce giving it the best possible sound and build quality.

If you are interested in this mandolin model, keep reading our Loar Mandolin review for more information below.

Loar Mandolin Review

About: The length of this instrument is about 12.75 inches and made up of a maple and spruce combination. The depth is around 2.5 inches as well making the entire length of the instrument including the neck and body about 27.25 inches. Perfect for everyone with varying length of reach.

Features: The Load mandolin comes with 8 D’Addario strings which are known for its ability to be able to produce very rich melodies and musical harmonies. They are also known for their durability against long playing sessions so any players that are pulling an all-nighter should rest well as the instrument should be able to last.

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According to this Loar Mandolin review the fretboard on the product comes with about 20 frets arranged over the fretboard. The board is made up of revebond wood material which can give the instrument a more classical look making it more appealing to look at during use. Not to mention the nut is made of bone material having a width of exactly 1.125 inches.

Speaking of materials, the rich and luxurious chocolate finish maple wood hugs the body of the instrument, Back portions and sides of the product are layered with maple wood which is also coated with a smooth and silky satin finish to accompany the body which we will talk about in this Loar Mandolin review.

There is an included adjustable bridge on the body which is made up of ebony wood. The fretboard is also made up of layers including revebond wood to complete the look of the whole product. Ivoroid is the main material used to bind all of these materials together as it will not hinder the instruments’ ability to play notes as stated in this Loar Mandolin review.

This product has been crafted in such an elegant way just so it is able to produce original and pristine musical strains. Noted in this Loar Mandolin review, the gossamer finish is a last touch provided by the brownburst coloring adds to the beauty of this product in general.

When it comes to difficulty this instrument is suitable for a beginner level player and as well as experienced mandolin performers. The product has a “V” shaped design on the maple body, so it helps the performer handle the instrument with ease excluding any micromanagement to help mount the product.

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Any experienced mandolin player can modify the area of the bridge and adjust of the positioning of the frets to produce different notes. Beginners however might need to refer to a tuner as it will make the process a lot easier.

If you are a beginner and you want to get your hands on a quality instrument so that you can enjoy learning different melodies in all aspect this product is going to be your best choice especially for long hours of practice to sharpen your mandolin skills for any occasion that may be prominent.

Like all things there are some stuff you need to know before buying this product. You will have to get the initial tuning and set up done by someone who is experienced with this instrument. The bridge and fretboard positions together including the tautness of the strings have to be adjusted in the beginning so you can start playing all together.

Although it can produce a lullaby like sounding musical aroma it is not suitable for any deep or lower tones of musical notes. You might to search for something else as this instrument is not capable of playing such musical notes. Even though the strings are made up of a steel alloy the build of the instrument still does not allow such notes to be played.

Conclusion: Loar Mandolin [2023 Review]

This instrument gives the player a wonderful joy of listening to genuine mandolin vibes which was once famous worldwide before our generation. The vibrance of the maple brownburst including the satin finish the instrument gives off is a literal fashion statement in the hands of the player which has been brought up in this Loar Mandolin review.

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If you want to have an adventure in the universe of instruments of the kind this mandolin is or you just want to increase your skills with this product, the loar mandolin is probably the best choice for you right now at this price point.

We hope you liked our Loar Mandolin review, and it was helpful. We love reviewing different mandolins for you to make the decision making process easier for you. You can check out our review of Hola Mandolin here.

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