Ibanez Mandolin [2023 Review]

Who is not fond of the mandolin? The mandolin has always been a perfect instrument to add a little price to the music you are making. But, sadly, it can be a bit of a struggle to find the correct mandolin for your wishes. In this Ibanez Mandolin review, we will analyze a good mandolin from Ibanez.

The Ibanez M510E A-style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin has a distinctive, warm sound that works quite nicely. It does not matter whether you play it acoustically or through the magnetic pickup of a single coil.

If you are interested in this mandolin model, keep reading our Ibanez Mandolin review for more information below.

Ibanez Mandolin Review

  • The flamed maple back and sides make the Ibanez M522SBS F-Style Mandolin look stylish
  • The F-style body gives the M522SBS mandolin a class Bluegrass shape and sound
  • The bridge of the M522SBS mandolin allows you to adjust the height of the strings
  • Not an Electric Instrument
  • Doesn’t Come with a Case

About: The M510E is easy to play with owing to its convenient maple neck and rosewood fretboard. With its laminate spruce top and sunburst finish, the A-Style body is gentle on the eyes and creates a good acoustic sound that makes it very difficult to put down.

Features: The magnetic pickup of the M510E provides true mandolin sound without the need for electricity for plugged-in output and is controlled by the on-board passive volume and tone controls.

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This Ibanez mandolin comes in an A shape. Sporting a teardrop shape, an A-style mandolin lacks the scroll of an F-style mandolin. Ibanez is undoubtedly the company that improved the image of instruments produced in Asia as we say in this Ibanez Mandolin review.

While Ibanez has become known for its tipped metal guitars, a number of different instruments have actually been on the rise just like their mandolin. The business has also developed its fair share of great mandolins, just as shocking considering that they got famous for their guitars.

They were also supported by Bill Monroe for a period of time, who is known to be the founder of Bluegrass, which is an amazing genre of music. This mandolin is made entirely of laminated wood. That sadly limits the instrument’s total resonance and frequency response, according to this Ibanez Mandolin review.

Even so, it is made from spruce and mahogany. The spruce is used on the top wood and the mahogany is used on the back and sides. While this is not as perfect as the more common spruce and maple mix, it is better than inexpensive tonewoods like NATO or white wood. We wanted to warn you in this Ibanez Mandolin review.

As contrasted to poorer mandolins, the key thing to remember about Ibanez mandolins is that Ibanez uses a higher hardware standard. The tuners can better keep the strings, and defects are more likely to be caught by the quality control. So, if you choose to purchase an instrument from Ibanez, you will be less likely to go into trouble.

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You do not actually pay for a better sound if you buy this Ibanez mandolin. You pay for a better-made instrument. In this price range, the difference between the Ibanez mandolin and others is almost nonexistent according to our Ibanez Mandolin review.

A compensated bridge is also included in this mandolin, which is an extremely important feature because it helps ensure that the instrument is well toned. You can purchase a bridge later, but will be troubling to match a bridge to an arched instrument.

It is essential for the bridge to be in perfect contact with the top. Because it needs a lot of careful sanding. It will be weak and silent if it is not the resulting sound, which definitely is not what you want from your mandolin according to our Ibanez Mandolin review.

This mandolin has the capacity to sound professional on its own terms. As long as you use correct training, it will stand out with its musical tone. It just will not have the signature reaction of a more expensive customized mandolin.

You really do not have to break the bank to get a mandolin with a more refined sound, because in the $500 range they can be bought without much trouble. This is still a considerable expense but is still reasonably feasible for the majority of musicians according to the Ibanez Mandolin review.

An incorrect configuration at the nut is one common problem at this price point. However, any fair custom shop can repair it for under $40. The tuners are also might need a replacement, so you can be certain that your mandolin would play in its best condition.

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This Ibanez mandolin is more costly than other alternatives. Also, it comes with a truss rod. This means that the neck can be modified to increase playability, which is a characteristic that is sadly lacking in other cheaper mandolins and fortunately included in this Ibanez mandolin.

Conclusion: Ibanez Mandolin [2023 Review]

Ibanez might be a little more expensive compared to the other mandolins in the market. The price tag is a little higher than other Asian-made mandolins and it is justified by the inclusion of a truss rod in the Ibanez M510.

It is crucial that you know what you are after when you are looking for a mandolin or any instrument for that matter. Make sure you get the instrument that will fit best for you, whether that is a perfect sound or a cool design. And hopefully, you will have all you need to make a logical decision on the matter.

We hope you liked our Ibanez Mandolin review and it was helpful. We should also mention that there are other very high-quality options in the market such as Kentucky Mandolin.

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