JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal [2023 Review]

There are many options to choose from in the market and you have to filter them down according to your needs, for sure. JHS is a newly founded brand that also sells pedals but are they good? In this JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal review, we will be looking at this pedal at hand to see if it is worth the hype or not.

This pedal is the one for players looking for good pedal use at medium and low gain levels. The right side of the pedal is unique and it contains tweaked versions of well-known overdrives. The left side is there if you wish to have some clear and bright tones in your music.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal review for more information below. We will be looking at this pedal’s features in detail to help you decide whether it is a good idea to buy it or not.

JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal Review

  • Effectively two pedals in one
  • Ideal for blues
  • Phenomenally versatile
  • Convincing drive tones
  • Covers drive, fuzz and distortion
  • Sounds to suit most players
  • Overkill for some people

About: JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal is a versatile pedal produced for guitar players who are looking for a good pedal with clear overdrive at medium and low gains. The pedal can be divided into two parts, right and left, which can offer different features to guitar players.

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Knobs and Effects

JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal is one of the newly released pedals from this company. As we have mentioned in our JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal review before, we can divide this pedal into two parts from the center.

The collection of the knobs on the right side is for achieving more unique yet famously similar overdrives. As you can guess, it can give you the classic mid-high tones but surely you will get more gain, volume, and tones.

The clean knob located at this side can allow you to blend clean signal with your overdrive, resulting in some amazing combination of harmony.  On the other hand, the left side is for achieving clear and open tones.

This pedal is also compatible with JHS’ Red Remote. You can switch the gain toggle using that for more effects and tone options according to our JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal review.

Double Barrel overdrive pedal from JHS adds little dirty characteristics to your guitar tone. But it does that with extreme caution not to change the natural tone of your guitar too much. Since the layout is really simple, you can have no problems setting and adjusting the effects.

You just need to turn the drive knob for the desired amount of overdrive. Volume and tone knobs are pretty self-explanatory. The gain switch can help you achieve a boost mode with more speed and high gain if you are into that.

If you are looking for very high levels of distortion here, you will probably not find it. However, there is enough overdrive and stacking ability to cover almost any tonal need. So, we are sure that you can get what you demand from this pedal.

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The order switching toggle located on the pedal lets you choose which effect comes first in the signal chain. Thanks to that, you can let your creativity out by creating unique and original tones by yourself.

Build and Hardware

We can say in our JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal review that this is one of the best 2-in-1 pedals ever made. Thanks to the simple design and layout, it is really easy to use it and get what you want.

This newly release JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal effects pedal is housed in a small white box that looks quite simple. It runs on regular 9V DC Negative power and it draws less than 100mA.

Compared to other pedals, this one seems smaller. Which is a huge pro for us considering the measurements which are exactly 4.7″x3.7″x1.5″.

Stacking Tones and Turning Both Circuits On

Although every single effect sounds great on its own, the punch line of Double Barrel comes when you combine them. There are no cables to swap and no footwork to master because both pedals are housed in the same box. Seriously, though, use the left side and right side at the same time or you would be missing what you have paid for.

Why Should You Buy JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal?

Josh Scott founded JHS Pedals in 2007 to produce some high-quality effects pedals. He was well aware of the fact that there were many competitors in the market that he had to compete with. JHS first started the job as a DIY repair to a Boss Blues Driver but they improved since back then.

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Today, we can say that JHS is a globally known company that sells effects pedals.  JHS Pedals has one of the clearest and flexible effects lines on the market today. For that reason, there is nothing to doubt when it comes to this company.

If you think that JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal is the right pedal for your needs, then give it a try. We mentioned before in this JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal Review that this is a good pedal packed with lots of features, so there is nothing to regret.

Conclusion: JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal [2023 Review]

This iconic box now holds the most recent versions of the individual pedals it houses. As we mentioned in our JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal Review, you should definitely turn both circuits on this device. Just do it, and see the difference and uniqueness that this JHS pedal can offer.

JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal is a genuinely flexible and amazing drive effects pedal because of all the parameters, switches, and knobs available on either side.

Overall, this is a good pedal that is worth the money you are paying for, not to mention the endless possibilities you can reach with this pedal. We hope you liked our JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal review and it was helpful.

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