Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal [2023 Review]

If you are looking to buy a pedal and cannot decide if Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal is the right one for you, you are at the right place. Nux is a trusted company that has been selling pedals for a long time and in our Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal review, we will be looking at this pedal at hand to see if it is quality equipment too.

Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal comes with 6 effects in total, 3 being delay and the others reverb. If you plug in a TRS cable into the pedal, you can add Atlantic to any effect. Also, you can create an effect chain and control their order with ease.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb review for more information below. We will be discussing this pedal’s features in more detail to help you decide if it is for you or not.

Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal Review

About: Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal comes with 3 delay and 3 reverb effects that reflect the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. There is also a routing control included in this pedal so you can decide on what order your effects will take place which is a huge convenience.

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Delay Effects

In Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal , retro delay effects are included in a way that meets new technology. Most of the other Delay pedals seem to compromise on the realistic BBD that gives the feeling of retro as we have to say in our Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal review. Luckily, this pedal can give you the exact sound and feel through its 70’s effect.

60’s delay effect is a warm and dusty tape-echo machine effect. It will definitely give you the opportunity to transform every single sound into a unique piece. Also, a quick tip. In order to true echo machine-like sound, you need to turn the repeat knob all the way.

80’s delay effect is the one where you can get clear repeats. The signal will be carried with digital clean repeats without any other addition. If you do not want to mix your favorite chorus, the 80’s delay effect is the best choice.

Smart Tap Tempo Feature

Through the smart tap tempo feature of Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal, you can synchronize your delays with the tempo you want to match. All you have to do is simply tapping your foot to the beat. For all delay effects, the speed range recommended in our Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb review is between 125 ms to 1500 ms.

Reverb Effects

Nux Atlantic has three different forms of reverb effects: Spring, Flare, and Hall. All of these three have also their secondary effects, and you can use them by keeping down the reverb footswitch.

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The spring effect creates a polyphonic atmosphere filter that captures sound echoes. You can use the level and decay knobs to adjust and experiment with this effect. If you hold down the reverb switch you can get endless sustain from that.

The flare effect gives you straight and clean reflections. The level and decay knobs can be used to adjust this one. To get a shimmer effect from this one, you need to hold the reverb switch just like the others as we mentioned in our Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal review.

Last but not least, the hall effect can give you the opportunity to emit the echoes. It does not matter how big or small the room is, it works wonders. You can use the level knob to adjust the size of the room and decay works for the items on the walls. If there are fewer items means less decay.

Adjusting Effects Order

Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal [2023 Review]

You can also select the order of the effect of the pedal according to our Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal review. You can adjust that through the pedal’s internal routing power. The serial mode can make a deep reflection with repeats. You also have the option to break your guitar signal and use both effects.

Inputs and Outputs

You can run the Atlantic in stereo. You can do that using the output jacks but there is also the option of using a TRS Y-cable. By doing that you can add the Atlantic to any effect chain you want.

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There is also a -10dB / +4dB input level switch, a Parallel or Serial Output switch (with internal routing), and a USB port for firmware updates. Basically, this little pedal can do anything you might expect from it without compromising on the quality of sound.

Why Should You Buy Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Effect Pedal?

This one is a great delay/reverb pedal. Furthermore, it comes in a small box with a reasonable price tag. Basically, you can reach every sound type you want using this effect pedal.

The best thing about Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Effect Pedal is its sound quality. There is no low-quality or nonorganic sounds. If you are a professional looking for a pedal for recording or performances, this one can do the job.

The unit itself has a simple design which is really easy to learn how to use. The size and design also look worthy to be included in a pedalboard for sure.

Conclusion: Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal [2023 Review]

The Atlantic from NuX is a delay/reverb effect with three classic variations on tones from the old days on each side. With tap tempo, shimmer, and a few other features, this is a pedal that will fill any room or concert venue with magnificent acoustic explosions while taking up very little space on your pedalboard.

Overall, this pedal offers much more than its counterparts. It is a great piece that every guitar enthusiast should have. We hope you liked our Nux Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal review and it was helpful.

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