Luna Ukulele [2023 Review]

We will be taking a look at the Luna Tattoo ukulele in this Luna ukulele review. On the front, this uke features a special Hawaiian tattoo style. It is an eye-catching and pretty detail, but does this ukulele live up to the hype?

The designs and structure of the Luna ukulele are highly graphical, and the natural island world was depicted by many shapes and signs to make you feel in sync with the Hawaiian sounds that you will produce. The fret markers are stylized to symbol the teeth of sharks.

If you are interested in this ukulele model, keep reading our Luna Ukulele review for more information below.

Luna Ukulele Review

About: The concept of this Luna Concert Uke is based on traditional Hawaiian body adornments that will definitely make you feel like a true ukulele player. The patterns of the Luna ukulele are monochromatic, printed against brown skin, and tattooed in black.

Features: For this Luna Ukulele review, the Luna ukulele we are inspecting is nicely made. There are no apparent flaws or defects according to our Luna ukulele review. The joints and seams were all close, and clean and crisp was the craftsmanship. We could not find much to complain about, given the price.

It is nice and bright, a quality that everybody is looking for in any ukulele. Light is nice in the world of acoustic instruments because it ensures that when you pluck the strings, there will be less resistance to vibration. A more resonant, vibrant instrument with a stronger tone is the result according to our Luna Ukulele review.

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Because of its concert body and Mahogany construction, it has a clear, resonant tone, offering a beautiful sound at a tremendous value. You will not believe how the quality of the sound the Luna ukulele produces at this affordable price.

We love ukuleles that come with accessories and Luna ukulele comes with a few of them, too. Luna ukulele included an inclusive branded travel bag that is included in the price so you do not have to make an extra effort to buy a gig bag for storage and travel as we mention in our Luna Ukulele review.

The system of the ukulele bridge is fixed for ease of use. Luna ukulele is also made for the players who use their right hand as we warn you in our Luna Ukulele review.

There is laminated mahogany on the top, bottom, and sides of this Luna concert ukulele. We do not think laminated wood has an effect on the tone in the way that solid wood does, as we have described in our other ukulele reviews many times before in our Luna Ukulele review.

Laminated mahogany, in lots of ukulele players’ experience, sounds very similar to Sapele laminate, koa laminate, and so on. Walnut is used in the fingerboard and bridge, which is a sturdy hardwood you might have seen on many high-end instruments now as we mention in our Luna Ukulele review.

They state that the nut and saddle are used in their website for the Tattoo ukulele. It is a manmade substance intended to mimic the properties of bone, it looks and feels just like one, too.

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We cannot say what the nut and saddle are made of for sure, but it feels very rugged and tough. Sometimes seen on very cheap ukuleles, according to this Luna Ukulele review, it is much better than the plastic pieces, though.

Luna ukulele has no problems with its frets. The Luna concert uke’s frets are smooth, nice, and even. You will not have any sticking-out fret ends, which can be an issue with budget ukes often.

Luna Tattoo is tonally very accessible, airy, and sweet. It has a huge volume and a lot of sustainability. Overall, we are sure that you will be really pleased with the way this ukulele sounds, especially given the price tag.

It has a beautiful, rich low end, but the trebles are really high as well. Due to laminated wood construction, the treble register is often the weak point of the tone of a budget ukulele.

With good action and string height produced in the factory, Luna Tattoo comes and is easy to play without changing anything. The neck is completely straight, and even and level were the frets. You will have no high or low spots found that would cause ringing and rattling.

Luna Ukulele [2023 Review]

Conclusion: Luna Ukulele [2023 Review]

A successful ukulele is the Luna Tattoo for sure. It is well crafted and it plays fairly well, and we are particularly pleased with the sound it can produce. They do not include a tuner and the gig bag that was included might not be very good. Otherwise, in view of the price, we can say that this uke is a good quality instrument.

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For beginners, this Luna Tattoo is not a poor choice, but when it comes to overall value, there are definitely better options. Many beginner uke kits come with more and cost less for sale online these days.

There is no excuse not to have this ukulele if you love the tattoo style and do not mind spending a little more money on your ukulele.

We hope you liked our Luna Ukulele review and it was helpful.

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