Vangoa Ukulele [2023 Review]

People take up the ukulele in record numbers everywhere from elementary-school music programs to old folks’ homes, and we believe the Vangoa ukulele is the average beginner’s best all-around choice. It is the perfect size for both children and adults.

The Vangoa ukulele is made of hand chosen mahogany of very high quality. The ukulele type is a soprano and it has an incredible sound, really. The tone is vibrant, simple and full of richness. The angled back layout improves the tone, making it sound stronger, deeper, and warmer with a longer hold.

Let’s check out this model in our Vangoa Ukulele review. If you are interested in this ukulele from Vangoa, keep reading below.

Vangoa Ukulele Review

  • Good clean finish
  • Very impressive sound quality
  • Great for beginners
  • Respected brand
  • Mahogany material
  • Minimalistic but good looking design
  • The string action is slightly tight

About: Vangoa ukulele is made of a really quality AAA specially selected mahogany. The type of the ukulele is a soprano and it really has an amazing sound. The sound is vivid, clear, and rich. The sound is enhanced by the arched back layout, making it sound smoother, louder, and warmer with a longer sustain.

Features: Vangoa ukulele is an incredibly generic concert scale instrument that is produced from laminate mahogany all throughout the body. On the top, back and sides, the design looks like two pieces of laminate, and the back is very mildly arched according to our Vangoa Ukulele review.

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We cannot say that the material used is a plain one, because it really is selected carefully for the production of this ukulele. Well, we cannot deny that it is a functional design.

On the top and back edges, the cream plastic binding strips are implemented and the top strip is combined with some thin black purfling strips that give it a touch more attention. Then everything is completed in an open pore of satin.

When you play it, it will be so easy because this ukulele is really comfy to play. For a smoother and simpler practice, the classic C shape neck with a deep flattened oval sports an ultra-comfortable curve as we say in this Vangoa Ukulele review.

The comfortable playability is supported by a smooth fretboard with elegant fret wire. The low-action mechanism deducts string strain, pressing under the hands feels quite relaxed, so it is very suitable for beginners according to Vangoa Ukulele review.

If you are looking for an easy to learn ukulele, Vangoa produced the right instrument for you with this model. You can get started with the easy-to-understand 21-inch ukulele with the Vangoa Ukulele Beginner Guide book.

A ukulele that comes with a book is a really great pro for us because it makes the learning process so easy. This is a great ukulele kit for kids, children, beginners, students, adults or professionals. Everything is included in this ukulele package according to this Vangoa Ukulele review.

Completely closed tuning pegs with anti-dust chromed plating ensure precise tuning and keep the ukulele always in tune. If you are sick of instruments that go out of tune pretty quickly, Vangoa creates a really good job when it comes to staying in tune.

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For fast installation and improved tuning performance, high quality smooth nylon strings are used in Vangoa Ukulele. The reason why the manufacturer used that kind of string is to make sure you can conveniently tune the ukulele whenever and wherever you want with a digital clip-on tuner.

Another aspect that we liked about Vangoa ukulele is that it comes with lots of accessories. The starter kit for soprano ukulele includes soprano ukulele, gig bag, tuner, extra strings, easy learning book, 3 picks, capo, and adjustable strap according to this Vangoa Ukulele review.

Literally, all you need comes with it and you will not have to make additional purchases. The high-quality padded gig bag features a shoulder strap and a wide outside pocket for easy carrying and safety.

Vangoa ukulele makes a nice gift for birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Day of the Kids, etc. You really cannot find another great gift for your loved ones. The construction in the body is flawless, with no gaps, chips, marks, or overdone finish pooling.

In an unspecified hardwood fitted with a straight topped plastic saddle, the bridge is a standard tie bar style according to our Vangoa Ukulele review.

Conclusion: Vangoa Ukulele [2023 Review]

All in all, Vangoa ukulele a little bit of a mix so far. Yes, it is original, and it does not seem to be overbuilt and the core construction is very good. The finishing is good, but the sharp frets are a crying shame.

It is also light and well balanced. You cannot really find another ukulele at this price. It is easily lowered and the nut is just fine. The strings are might be the only problem for some users.

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String description of the product lists the strings as nylon, and the spare set in the goodie bag is indeed nylon. The ones on this instrument certainly feel like nylon, but an Aquila swing tag comes with it.

We hope you liked this Vangoa ukulele review and it was helpful in your search for a good ukulele.

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