Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge [2023 Review]

  • Light, breezy sound
  • Great detailing
  • Affordable price
  • Great build quality
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Lacks some dynamics
  • Treble needs more refinement

When we listen to music on vinyl, it can become a little boring and dull after a while. The first thought that comes to mind when that happens is that you may need a new turntable. That may be the solution but according to our Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge review, most of the time it is because you need a new cartridge.

The price of this Nagaoka cartridge is unbeatable and a market leader. This company provides a spare needle for all of their cartridges so it will be easy to find one for your own. This allows for simple needle replacement, which is not possible for many other cartridge models.

Apart from traditional cartridges, it is also possible to combine Nagaoka MP 110 with the headshell, which is a good choice since many tonearms support it.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge review for more information below. We will be looking at its features, pros, and cons in detail to help you out.

Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge Review

About: This is a cartridge with decent characteristics that perform at a higher level than its price tag indicates. It is simple to install and has a high-performance rating. If you need to replace your cartridge but are on a tight budget, this is a great option.

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Sound Quality

So, let’s start this Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge review with sound quality. Nagaoka has gone to great lengths to ensure that this cartridge can appeal to vinyl enthusiasts. The sound has no bitterness to it, and it is pleasant and soothing to the ear. Long listening sessions would not be an issue with this cartridge.

The sound is strong and clear, giving the impression that the cartridge is made for rock music. If you listen to some classic rock pieces, you will see the difference that this cartridge can make.

Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge can be in harmony with changes. It becomes gentle and sweet with the change of style in music. In addition to that, the mid notes are probably where this cartridge excels at.

Mid tones will be the area where the frequency balance is most evident. When you listen to some of these old classics on vinyl, you will understand how Nagaoka MP 110 makes all the difference.

This cartridge produces a rich, full-bodied tone. It is definitely capable of providing some of the highlights that some tracks have with ease. Another point is, this cartridge has a  20Hz to 20kHz frequency range but it is not really needed since the majority of speakers do not go below 20Hz.

What to be aware of?

We need to mention that the treble of Nagaoka MP 110 is a little edgy and less polished than some similarly priced competitors. In spite of that, detail subtleties are handled expertly, and the vocals have a depth of insight that is exceptional for this price point. This cheap and bright-sounding cartridge represents good value for the money for sure.

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Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge [2023 Review]

Build Quality

Nagaoka MP 110 is a moving magnet-style cartridge with a half-inch mount, as previously mentioned in our Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge review. With a radius of 0.4 x 0.7, it is an elliptical diamond bond stylus that is packed with lots of features.

MP 110 features a strong dual samarium cobalt magnet. There is an anti-ferro shield casing, and the cantilever is made of an aluminum alloy. All of these materials are the reason why Nagaoka MP 110 cartridge is this light. A carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic shoe is also included to keep this design light.


Turntables are the most famous among vintage sound enthusiasts, and almost all of them come with a manufacturing plant cartridge. That means at some point you will need to change the cartridge varying on your turntable’s performance.

There are six cartridge models in the standard line of Nagaoka. The price of Nagaoka cartridges varies between $100 and $1000 and this model at hand is one of the affordable ones. Considering that, we can say Nagaoka does a good job by keeping their products within reach of the majority of the US consumer.

Why should you buy Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge?

Nagaoka provides a range of devices for maintaining records, recorders, DVD players, and cassette tapes in addition to cartridges and replacement needles. In terms of the number of products available, you can visit their website to gather more info about them.

If you do some search, you can see that they have been on this job for a long while and they know what they are doing. Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge is one of Nagaoka’s best products that is being sold at an affordable price as we have mentioned in our Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge review.

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It is packed with quality features so we definitely recommend it for the ones who are looking for a new cartridge for their turntable.

What is in the box?

All of the required mounting hardware is included in the box so installation should be easy according to our Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge review. You do not really need much to get this cartridge working.

However, keep in mind that you might need to tune in your newly assembled cartridge but we cannot really tell how many times you would need to do it.

Conclusion: Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge [2023 Review]

The arrival of Nagaoka on the US market was undoubtedly welcomed by all turntable enthusiasts. It is currently being demanded by many people and we definitely understand the reason for that in our Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge review.

This one is a low-cost cartridge. With its price, the MP 110 has demonstrated plenty of advantages that we are sure many people will appreciate.

We highly recommend it for its pleasant and balanced sound quality. It is also really easy to adjust and Nagaoka gets a thumbs up from us for that. We hope you liked our Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge review and it was helpful.

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