Yamaha P45 vs YPG 535 [2023 Review]

If you are thinking about buying a Yamaha piano to learn how to play, and cannot decide between Yamaha P45 vs YPG 535, we will be discussing each of them individually in this Yamaha P45 vs YPG 535 review to help you decide.

Yamaha describes these 88-key portable grand piano keyboards as their best products and they feature grand piano sounds which come very handy when getting used to the real thing. Yamaha YPG 535 has a backlit LCD, but both of them come with various features that will fit any kind of playstyle for sure.

Before you decide to buy any of them, we highly recommend understanding their individual aspects first. You have to make sure that these are good fits for your own needs.

If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Yamaha P45 vs YPG 535 review for more information below. We will be discussing their features, pros and cons as well as how they compare to each other.

Winner of Yamaha P45 vs YPG 535: Yamaha P45 Keyboard

As expected, we need to pick a winner for the battle of Yamaha P45 vs YPG 535 and it is Yamaha P45 for various reasons.

As previously mentioned, you do not need to purchase a stand because Yamaha YPG 535 includes one. On the other, you will need to buy one yourself for Yamaha P45. The stand just adds a bulk to the overall weight so you must take into account that Yamaha P45 is way lighter than YPG 535.

By ticking at a constant pace, a built-in metronome holds a steady tempo for you in Yamaha P45. Practicing with a metronome aids in the development of basic skills such as time keeping and rhythm.

P45 comes with such a feature and the metronome’s beat, tempo, and volume can all be adjusted according to your playstyle. We have mentioned many other details above about why P45 would be a better choice in terms of features, but you might still find YPG 535 more appealing according to your own preferences.

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Yamaha P45, 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano Review

Features: The best thing about Yamaha P45 is its portability. You can store it or use it in smaller places with ease.  The dimensions of the piano are 52.2 inches wide, 11.6 inches deep, and 6 inches tall. It is around 13 kgs and can be carried easily for musicians who travel a lot or want something super light.

A stand is not included with the price, so if you want something cool to place your Yamaha P45, you will need to buy it yourself. If you think it is not a big deal, you can always palc it on a table and use it there.

The Graded Hammer Standard is used in this 88-key keyboard. It is Yamaha’s most affordable hammer action, and it can be seen in many beginner pianos from Yamaha. The keys on the P45 have a similar feel and movement to those on an acoustic piano, so if you will be transitioning to the real thing, it helps a lot.

Yamaha uses its well-known AWM dynamic sampling technology and it is also present in Yamaha P45. It can replicate the true stereo sound that you can get from a full concert grand piano, and it does it at different dynamic levels.

Yamaha P45 is touch sensitive, meaning the volume/timbre varies depending on how hard or soft you play the keys.

  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Easy to learn
  • 88 fully weighted keys
  • 10 instrument sounds
  • Grand piano sound
  • Does not come with a stand

Yamaha YPG535 Portable Grand Piano Review

Features: This digital piano is an appropriate instrument for everyone and beginners or pros alike can learn how to play them. If you are a beginner, Yamaha YPG 535 is very simple to use. Moreover, it has everything you need to start your digital piano journey right away.

In addition to that, even more experienced players can make the most of this instrument. It can give you the opportunity to improve your ability to learn new techniques while playing and having fun.

Moreover, if you are looking for a digital piano to use for your live performances, Yamaha YPG 535 also suffices. The high-resolution stereo sampling from this digital piano will be your medicine for those situations. The cutting-edge technology of YPG 535 ensures that each sound has the perfect pitch and tone.

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It is really simple to use different pressures on the keys of YPG 535. You can make softer or louder sounding notes with ease. Even though it is not too large in size, we are sure that most people will find the size of YPG 535 just right.

Yamaha YPG 535 comes with a keyboard stand. It is a 17kg keyboard and yes, it is quite heavy but YPG 535 is still a lighter option when you consider the fact that there are 25 kg keyboards on the market in this price range.

  • 88 keys
  • Multi-functional
  • Has LCD screen
  • 2-way speaker system
  • 500 built-in sounds
  • Semi-weighted keys
  • 32-note polyphony is too low

Yamaha P45 vs YPG 535 Comparison

The gold color of the YPG 535 keyboard leaves a good impression at the first glance. It is kind of a unique color that you can rarely see in a digital keyboard and we really liked the color. The cover is surrounded by an elegant black hue and it really goes well with the stand in terms of the color.

P45’s black keys, on the other hand, have a matte coating that prevents fingers from falling off when they get wet. The white keys are glossy and look nice according to our Yamaha P45 vs YPG 535 review.

As previously mentioned, the YPG 535 has 88 keys that are close to those found on an acoustic piano. Unfortunately, all the keys are made of plastic but they do not feel cheap. When it comes to the mechanism, both of them use the famous Graded Soft Touch (GST) action of Yamaha keyboard.

So, if you hear any clicks while playing any of them, it is because of this. However, all Yamaha keyboards sound superior to other ones in this price range. They also have a touch-sensitive surface of the keys, meaning that you will get a louder sound if you press harder on the keys.

Furthermore, the degree of touch sensitivity can be adjusted according to your own preferences. In comparison to the P45 digital piano, the YPG 535 has Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Stereo Sampling technology.

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Yamaha P45, just like YPG 535, comes with touch sensitive keys. If you want it to better suit your playing style, you can change the level of touch sensitivity in your keyboard. Fixed, Soft, Medium, and Hard are the four preset options.

The keys on the P45, unlike some higher-end versions, do not have moisture-absorbing keytops. If you have sweaty hands, good luck.

As a result of these features, they sound like an acoustic piano and it is really close to the real thing. When it comes to the sound of the Yamaha YPG 535, 500 internal sounds are available to play, including 12 drum/SFX kits, 127 panel-accessible sounds, and 361 XGlite extra sounds.

You can also personalize the sound by using effects provided in the keyboards. Nine different forms of reverb make the sound larger if you will be playing for a large audience. Additional notes can be harmonized using 26 different sounds.

Both Yamaha P45 vs YPG 535 come with Split Mode that divides the keyboard into two sections. You can use your hands to play different sound thanks to this mode. In the meantime, the Dual Mode allows you to layer two separate sounds on top of each other and get amazing results.

This means you can blend and create more complicated and different sounds without much effort.

The YPG 535 has a 6-track MIDI recorder and you can use that to record and play back more than 6 pieces of music. You can also use USB ports to pass music to your phone. You will also be able to adjust the instrument sound or tempo, add effects or notes.

The P45 lacks a built-in MIDI or audio recorder, preventing you from recording and replaying your performances. You can still record your music using a USB (MIDI) link and some music applications.

Conclusion: Yamaha P45 vs YPG 535 [2023 Review]

The Yamaha P45 vs YPG 535 are both entry-level digital pianos with a completely weighted keyboard, many built-in instrument sounds, and a lightweight design that we have discussed in our Yamaha P45 vs YPG 535 review.

They are very accessible digital pianos with fully weighted hammer-action keys, and they are sold at affordable prices. Since they are very simple to learn and use and sold at a low price, they became very popular among beginner piano players.

Overall, Yamaha P45 vs YPG 535 are good digital keyboards that every beginner can love. We hope you liked our Yamaha P45 vs YPG 535 review and it was helpful.

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