Sabbat E12 [2023 Review]

True wireless earbuds are hard to come by. We are not saying that the Sabbat E12 is perfect in this review. However, these are one of the greatest wire-free earbuds you can get right now for the price, particularly if you like bass.

Sabbat E12 is a quite good choice for neutral listening. They have a slightly edgy, bass-heavy sound that is better suited to bass-heavy music genres such as hip-hop, rap, EDM, and dubstep. Long neutral listening sessions may also be difficult due to the in-ear fit.

This is one of the best wireless earphones that you can find in the market right now according to this Sabbat E12 review. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Sabbat E12 review for more information below.

Sabbat E12 Headphone

About: For combined use, these headphones are fine. Sabbah E12 headphones have a lively sound signature, and their fit is quite secure enough to be used on public transportation. On the plus side, they are breathable, stable, and easy to transport, making them suitable for sports.


Unfortunately, E12 has a very glossy finish that I believe will be easily scratched. However, a carrying case is included, so most damage should be avoided. The USB-C connector and status LEDs are located on the rear of the case; the LEDs are four in number and represent the remaining charge on the device.

These are housed in a gleaming black plastic casing that crackles a little when you open it. The case can be charged wirelessly and via USB-C, both of which have four LED indicators that indicate how much power is left in the battery.

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The Sabbat E12 comes with a variety of color earpieces to pick from. Some have camouflage paint in green, yellow, or red, while others choose a more elegant, gleaming choice. Red, purple, black, silver, and a dark-coffee metallic are all available.


Small spherical tactile buttons are located in the center of the lightweight earpieces. The ergonomics are flawless. You do not have to press the earpieces too far into your ears, and the feedback is excellent, so you will not accidentally activate functions you do not want.

A single touch plays and pauses music; two presses skip (right) or returns (left) a song; three presses increase and decrease volume. You may engage the voice assistant by pressing and holding the button. When the comfort and feedback are so fantastic, even tapping three times is not too much.


The Sabbat E12 Ultra’s connectivity is also excellent. It features a ten-meter stable Bluetooth connection and works flawlessly both inside and outside, as well as in places with a lot of wireless signals.

On top of the basic SBC, the Sabbat E12 supports Bluetooth 5.0 with the aptX codec. This new codec should help improve audio quality, therefore it is a great inclusion. However, the AAC codec, which is compatible with Apple devices, is not mentioned.

You will be able to stroll about without being interrupted or stuttering because the range is fairly good according to this Sabbat E12 review. The connection is quite solid, and it is one of the best with TWS earbuds.


Despite its size, we found the Sabbat E12 Ultra to be quite comfortable for the first hour or so. Because of their curved shapes, they can fit inside ears without pressing against any area of the ear.

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However, after a while, the enormous size might become an issue and causes some discomfort and we had to mention that in our Sabbat E12 review.


Bass is unquestionably the star of the show. It is huge, bold, and a tad thuggish. The lower and sub-bass are emphasized, providing the sound weight and rumble. These are not for anyone who does not enjoy a smashing bass, so if you want light and tight, seek elsewhere.

Carrying Case

The case dock is just a smidgeon bigger than the two earbuds. It is easily pocketable and light enough that you will not notice it in your pants pockets according to our Sabbat E12 review.

Battery Life

When you remove the earphones from their cradle, they connect automatically and are immediately switched off and charged when you replace them. When it comes to charging, the cradle may also be charged using Qi wireless chargers, giving truly wireless a whole new meaning!

The battery life is excellent, lasting approximately 6.5 hours on a single charge as we mentioned in this Sabbat E12 review. As is typical with these earbuds, the case enables four extra charges for a total of around 30 hours of battery life.


The Sabbat E12 Ultra casings are composed of acrylic, which is a lightweight material. Smoky and Grey, Martha Red, Electro-Optic Purple, Ice Platinum Silver, Rock Coffee, and Gliding Copper are among the colors offered.

The faceplates are gleaming chrome, while the inside shells are gleaming black. A physical control button with the Sabbat logo is located on each face. A small LED is also located next to the emblem.

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Unfortunately, there are some build quality issues. The USB-C port is off-center and requires quite a bit of force to insert the USB cable.

Conclusion: Sabbat E12 [2023 Review]

The Sabbat E12 is not the best true wireless earbuds on the market. However, in situations like this, it is difficult to overlook how brilliantly they execute according to our Sabbat E12 review. It is also tough to overlook how inexpensive they are in comparison to their competitors.

These are a wonderful set of IEMs for the price if you want to spend less than $100 and experience a lot of bass. We hope you liked our Sabbat E12 review and it was helpful.

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