Lohanu Ukulele [2023 Review]

Lohanu creates some of Amazon’s best-selling, best-rated ukuleles, which is true. But how is this model in particular? In this Lohanu ukulele review, we will analyze the best selling cutaway electric Lohanu ukulele for the ones who are curious about it.

This one is the cutaway version of one of the best-selling ukuleles on the market. It has a cutaway body and head and an electric pickup with a 3 band EQ. What is more, it comes with a built-in tuner to make everything easier.

If you want to know more about this model, keep reading our Lohanu Ukulele review below for more information.

Lohanu Ukulele Review

About: Lohanu produced the best-selling concert size ukulele that has been on Amazon for a long while. This one is their electric cutaway version of that ukulele, which is a better version for sure.

Features: With being the electric cutaway version of one of the best ukuleles on amazon, the Lohanu ukulele comes with a cutaway body and head, electric pickup, 3 bands EQ. Like these were not enough, they even included a built-in tuner to make sure you would have no problems playing this ukulele.

Lohanu provides their customers with an unconditional lifetime warranty for their ukuleles and their accessories. Even though they are a Canadian company, their customer service can beat the best brands out there in the market according to this Lohanu Ukulele review.

Furthermore, you can also benefit from their extra ukulele video lessons without paying another fee for it according to our Lohanu Ukulele review.

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Lahonu ukulele produces the best sound without a doubt. Thanks to its arched back design, it can give a longer sustain and full, rich, and bright sound.  They also installed two strap buttons on their ukuleles which come with a lot of accessories as we mentioned in our Lohanu Ukulele review.

Among the accessories that are included in the price, there is a strap, tuner, gigbag, 2 plastic picks, paracord hanger, an extra set of Aquila strings, and one leather pick. So you do not have to pay extra money for all the accessories and to have someone install those strap buttons for you.

Aesthetics is important according to everybody, right? There is no shame to want your ukulele to sound good and also look good. Lohanu ukulele looks absolutely amazing and has an elegant design for sure according to our Lohanu Ukulele review.

This model of Lohanu is 24 inches long and the top, back, sides and neck are made out of Sapele/Mahogany. There is a very technical fingerboard which you will have no problems trying to figure out how to play according to our Lohanu Ukulele review.

This ukulele comes with super quality Aquila strings that are already installed so you do not have to go into extra labor. We should also mention that Aquila strings are the best ones for a ukulele.

The ABS bindings of this ukulele are handmade and the built-in die-cast tuner gears are there to keep your ukulele in tune for long periods of time.

The layout of the Lohanu ukulele is tight and neat. Given the price of the uke; the fit, finish of the ukulele, and eye for detail is surprisingly good. The soft satin finish of the uke is applied uniformly and looks and feels fantastic. You can see no obvious faults in this Lohanu ukulele.

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My Lohanu’s output is far better than many of the super-cheap ukuleles you probably have tried over the years. It is amazing what a change an additional $50 can make, right? Lohanu ukulele definitely deserves its price.

The only downside of this ukulele might be that there might be some “tight” spots on some tuning devices where you can feel a little resistance as you tune up the uke. Not by some means a big deal, but worth considering still.

The top, back, and neck are all attached, meaning they have a stylish white strip of material extending around the edges. This little feature offers the uke a more polished look and it is something you cannot see in the ukuleles with the same price.

Conclusion: Lohanu Ukulele [2023 Review]

This tenor-sized Lohanu ukulele is a beautifully crafted ukulele that sounds fantastic and plays well. We believe it is a really good value for investment. After spending some time with the uke, you can absolutely play this for a very long time.

This cutaway ukulele deserves its position as one of the top-ranked ukes for sale on Amazon for the most part for sure. We assume most players will be pleased with this  Lohanu ukulele without a doubt.

Based on a lot of ukulele players’ hands-on experiences and the feedback, we can definitely and confidently say that the Lohanu ukulele is a quality one.

For learners who want a nice starting uke or experienced players in search of a decent backup or travel piece, the good quality and low price point make it a perfect purchase.

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We hope you liked our Lohanu Ukulele review and found it helpful. However, if you still want to take a look at other options in the, you can take a look at our review of Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele.

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