Yamaha NP32 Keyboard [2023 Review]

For a long time, the Yamaha NP32 portable keyboard has been one of the most common entry-level digital keyboards that people wanted to buy. For that reason, we wanted to give you a Yamaha NP32 Keyboard review so you can see everything there is to know about this piano and what it has to offer.

NP32 is made by one of the most reputable brands in the industry and has a lot to give to its users. It is a light, portable keyboard with lots of features to offer. You can buy it in black or white depending on your preferences.

This digital piano model from Yamaha comes at a relatively lower price when compared to the other products from the same brand. For that reason, you might be tempted to buy it right away.

However, when it comes to digital pianos, being in a rush might be not for the best. For that reason, we recommend that you do your research thanks to our Yamaha NP32 Keyboard review and decide after knowing what this piano is about.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Yamaha NP32 Keyboard review for more information below.

Yamaha NP32 Keyboard Review

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great choice for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Not ideal for advanced players

About: Yamaha NP-32 tends to be a higher-end digital piano thanks to its features and finish. Although the body itself is small, it does have a clean front panel with few buttons and printed text which makes it look clean and simple.

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Features: NP32 is a straightforward piano that does not try to confuse things with a lot of unnecessary stuff. The series which NP32 is a member of is probably what you need if you want programmed songs, backing styles, and hundreds of sounds.

The NP series is all about the piano, with no concern for storage, cost, or size. Yamaha NP32 was designed to replace a digital piano on a smaller scale and mimic it by all means.

Yamaha NP32 Keyboard is a 76-note keyboard that extends in length to give you more choices without having to move octaves up or down. Like many 88-note digital pianos, it is installed in a case that is not too long. If you need to drive with it, you can fit it across the back seats of any car.

The piano style keys on the NP32 have a graded soft-touch action. They are designed to look like complete piano keys, but we can say in our Yamaha NP32 Keyboard review that they are not as sturdy or heavy. As you move up the keyboard, the pressure on the keys changes.

Thanks to that, it gives you a practical feeling while still being gentle and easy to play for beginners or those who are used to keyboards instead of real full-size pianos. This keyboard is available in black and white finishes.

Even though the black version sells more, Yamaha seems to think well of its customers by including the white option according to our Yamaha NP32 review.

When you pick the white edition, the buttons and speakers will most likely stand out, though. The black edition, on the other hand, appears elegant and tidy.

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Yamaha NP32 Keyboard’s small control set is actually a blessing for beginners and professionals. For starters, it helps to minimize the top-to-bottom width. Along with that, it also avoids the needless choices that can be confusing to newcomers.

We can definitely say in our Yamaha NP32 Keyboard review that Yamaha has done a decent job with the NP32 in terms of aesthetics.

One of the most critical aspects of our Yamaha NP32 Keyboard review is to figure out who will profit from this model and who should buy it. After looking at the features and testing them ourselves, we may say that this keyboard is ideal for beginners and intermediate musicians.

You will be more than pleased with this portable digital piano if you are on a tight budget but want a sophisticated and desirable instrument. It simply has everything which surprised us. Yet, it is still less expensive than comparable versions of high-end brands.

Yamaha NP32 Keyboard has a USB to host port if you want to connect it to another electronic device. The feel and responsiveness of the keys are just right so beginners can have fun learning how to play.

Yamaha NP32 Keyboard’s appearance was also appealing according to our Yamaha NP32 review. It gives the impression of being more costly than it is. We also have to take into account the portability issue.

Since the whole model is tiny and compact, you will not have any trouble using it when on the go. Keep in mind that the voices are of excellent quality, so you will probably be more than pleased with Yamaha NP32 Keyboard.

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Overall, Yamaha NP32 is a quality keyboard that deserved this Yamaha NP32 review. It has a durable body, nice feeling keys, and an elegant design that is perfect for beginners and intermediates.

Conclusion: Yamaha NP32 Keyboard [2023 Review]

Our Yamaha NP32 Keyboard review is definitely a positive one. This is a modern-day digital keyboard that provides exactly what musicians need and nothing more. We liked the sound quality and we are sure that you will like it too.

Since the sound quality is comparable to that of more advanced brands, you can make the most of it for sure. Including the number of features and options, Yamaha NP32 is a good keyboard that can give you what you want.

In the end, this digital keyboard is best for beginners and intermediate users. We hope you liked our Yamaha NP32 Keyboard review and it was helpful.

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