Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25 [2023 Review]

The Ampeg BA 108 and the Fender Rumble 25 are two good options for bassists looking for a good practice amp. Both are dependable and can last a long time if you are a beginner bassist. Along with their similarities, they have their own unique features and we will explore those in our Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25 review.

The Ampeg brand is known for its high-quality tube-driven bass amps. Ampeg has the premium bass amplification market filled with their SVT, Heritage, and Portaflex lines and BA 108 is one of their signature products.

On the other hand, Fender is another good brand that has been producing quality sound equipment, and Fender Rumble 25 is no exception. It is a small beginner amp that is also aimed at beginners.

If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25 review for more information below. We will try to help the beginner guitar players decide which one to get.

Winner of Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25: Fender Rumble 25

We have come to the most anticipated part of this Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25 review. As you might have guessed from our writings above, both of them are great amps but there has to be a winner. And that is Fender Rumble 25.

We can confidently state in this Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25 review that the Fender Rumble 25 is an excellent practice amplifier that provides excellent performance. Rumble 25 shows a great balance between price, size, strength, and tonal shaping in an amp.

It is a fantastic amp to use for home practice or small gigs. However, you cannot really use it for gigging, aside from small gigs and parties. It has a better sound quality than Ampeg BA 108, and it can be a better companion on your journey to learn how to play the bass.

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Ampeg BA 108 Review

Features:  Ampeg BA 108 is one of Ampeg’s smaller, more affordable choices. This is a solid-state 20-watt 1×8 combo bass amplifier that costs about $100 and that is really affordable compared to the others in the market. Even though it is not the best one in the market, it comes with lots to offer.

This is a 20-watt bass combo with a single 8-inch 4-ohm speaker. Controls and settings are produced in the same way as other Ampeg amps. The key controls are a Master Volume knob, a -15db toggle, and a 3-band EQ.

There are auxiliary inputs (both 1/4″ and 1/8″), a headphone output, and an AUX Level knob are located to the right of the EQ section. As we have mentioned before in this Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25 review, this is a capable amp that has lots to offer to guitar players.

Ampeg BA 108 includes an all-steel frame, impact-resistant metal corners, and a solid-braced cabinet. You should guess from all these words that this machine screams durable and reliable. That means you can use Ampeg BA 108 for a very long time since it can withstand abuse and damage.

Ampeg BA 108 is a compact bass amplifier, weighing just 28 pounds and measuring only 15″ wide by 17″ tall. Its portable features make it ideal for musicians who have to be on the road occasionally.

  • Small size
  • Affordable price
  • Lots of features
  • Not the best one in the market

Fender Rumble 25 Review

Features: In most cases, you do not really find an amp that has many features at this price. However, with the Fender Rumble 25, you will be surprised to see that this is actually a nice amp to have, especially for beginner bassists.

Fender’s Rumble 25 has amazing power that is hard to beat. The Fender Rumble 25 is quite small with its blocky body. It also only weighs 21 pounds in total, which should make it easy to transport. If you are a guitarist who is on the road all the time, you should have no problems with the weight issue.

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This is a reliable amp that has a power output of 25 watts, which is more than enough for practice sessions that you might have at home. You can also use the headphone jack for your quiet practices.

The Fender Rumble 25 has impressive 8-inch Fender special design speakers, and they work wonders with the basses. The most significant feature that distinguishes the Fender Rumble 25 from other amps is its tonal capabilities. In addition to those, the Rumble 25 has a 3-band EQ with bass, treble, and mids, along with a few extra features.

  • Powerful and deep sound
  • Portable
  • Small and compact
  • Nice bass
  • Not for experienced players

Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25 Comparison

The Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25 are two excellent practice amps, especially for home use. The reason is, they are both small and they have enough power to create some loud bangs. You can also use them with headphones and mics, which makes them really versatile.

According to this Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25 review, even though they are small and compact, they have an amazing sound quality and are loud. With both of them, you will have your freedom to customize how your guitar is going to sound like.

Ampeg BA 108 is a completely renewed version of the models which have been produced before. It carries the legacy of Ampeg preamps and it has tone stack circuits with a wide variety of classic Ampeg tones.

If you are not sure about the sound of BA 108, you should get your hands on this and practice on your own to get a general idea about it. We are sure you will like what you will hear because it produces some rich and banging sound. However, it lacks Fender Rumble 25’s deep and more satisfying sound.

Fender Rumble 25 has a steel frame and black textured body which looks amazing and bass-like. The style is completely rectangular, and there is no cut edge on the back. The controls are placed on the top which can be accessed easily.

The sound of BA 108 is bold and descriptive according to our Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25 review. It does not change too much even if you get the volume knob to its highest settings.

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With the master knob in the middle, Ampeg BA 108 can be pretty loud so you should be careful about it. This is an amp that is louder than you might expect, so be careful with the master knob.

Fender Rumble 25 is a loud amp you will love if you are sick of cheap-sounding amps. You can hear it even at low volume settings, but it still manages to stay in the practice amp side. In addition to all of these, Fender Rumble25 has a built-in overdrive in the amp. So, you would not need a pedal for it. 

BA 108 is a great amp and perfect for home practices. The tone is aggressive with some bite at maximum volume settings, but it can still maintain a good voice. Nevertheless, the purpose of Ampeg BA 108 can never pass over home practice and that is the truth.

BA 108 cannot get you through a live performance but you can use it as a secondary amp to absorb the damages of the road. Even though it is cheap and small, it is still an Ampeg amp so it will get you through.

Other than home practice, you can use Ampeg BA 108 for jam sessions, small coffee shops, or classrooms. It is really affordable, being around 100 dollars, and you cannot really find another good deal than this if you are on a tight budget.

Conclusion: Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25 [2023 Review]

Bass amplifiers are often misjudged by many beginner bass players. It is a really common rookie mistake that they go around and try to buy the cheapest amp out there. Even if you do not have much money, we still recommend doing a little search about the ones you are planning to buy, because there are many options that are actually feasible.

You will not be able to sound good if your amp is of bad quality. So, it is extremely important to pick the right one between Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25. Luckily, both of these amps have always been one of the most popular bass amplifier series, and they sound amazing.

Overall, these two are great beginner amps that are offered in an affordable price range. We recommend both, but it looks like Fender Rumble 25 wins the battle in this Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25 review. We hope you liked our Ampeg BA 108 vs Fender Rumble 25 review and it was helpful.

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