Yamaha RX A2080 [2023 Review]

If you have been looking for a reliable AV receiver from a good brand, you are at the right place. In today’s Yamaha RX A2080 review, we will look at this amazing AV receiver from the famous Yamaha.

The RX-A2080 still has 9.2 channels of built-in amplification with 140 watts per channel, the YPAO audio calibration system, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, as well as different virtual and up-mixing technologies, plenty of plug-ins, and a plethora of broadcasting and web services that such a high-profile model demands.

There are many more features that this AV receiver has to offer but we need to talk about them in detail. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Yamaha RX A2080 review for more information below.

Yamaha RX A2080

  • Amazing performance
  • Excellent quality and audio components
  • Plenty of features and online services
  • Good value
  • Takes some space

Overall Review

Yamaha’s RX-A2080 is no slouch when it comes to creating a fantastic home theater experience. Nine channels of high-powered amplification — rated at an impressive 140 watts per channel in stereo — give you plenty of brute strength for riveting surround sound.

On up to three compatible screens, you may enjoy 4K video sources, and this receiver even upscales analog and HDMI inputs so you can watch more of your video content in Ultra HD definition. Decoding for Dolby Atmos® and DTS: XTM provides three-dimensional
realism to movie soundtracks.

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The RX-A2080 is identical to the RX-A3080 in terms of design; the only difference is the name, which signals a different model. Yamaha has largely maintained the same design for many of its models, which is not surprising according to our  Yamaha RX A2080 review.

The RX-A2080, like all Yamaha AV receivers, features the same distinctive design as the rest of the company’s products.

This means that the top half of the front face has a glossy surface, with the features prominently placed in the center and displaying all of the receiver’s standard functions, as well as a small Pure Direct button on the far right and a circular power button on the far left.

The AI light indicator is located next to the power button. We needed a quick visual evaluation of the Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A2080 to establish that it is a fairly modern item.

The upper portion of the front side is shiny, and the display clearly displays all of the figures. I was able to read the track’s name and other details despite the harsh brightness according to our Yamaha RX A2080 review.

Anti-resonance technology, which reduces vibration-induced distortion, has been included in the device’s design by the manufacturer. The overall stability of the structure is enhanced by the stiff H-shaped frame.

The fifth foot, located in the center of the receiver, provides additional protection from internal and external shocks.

Audio Quality

The Yamaha RX-A2080 is a pure 9.2 channel AV receiver, which means that, unlike its bigger brother, the RX-A3080, it does not have the capability to accommodate 11.2 channels according to our Yamaha RX A2080 review.

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So, if you’re thinking about it, 2080 isn’t going to cut it. There is one area where Yamaha appears to have fallen behind the competition, as many other manufacturers’ best models include built-in 11.2 channel capability that eliminates the need for an external amplifier.

With this in mind, this unit is capable of supporting Dolby Atmos installations with either 5.2.4 or 7.2.2 channels.


Because the RX-A3080 has such a large number of ports and connectivity choices, it was only logical for the RX-A2080 to lose some of them due to its lower pricing according to our Yamaha RX A2080 review.

But, to be honest, the differences between the two are small, and you don’t lose much in the long term. This demonstrates how valuable this unit remains.

We’ll note the connections on the front, which include a headphones jack, a YPAO microphone port, a USB port for attaching external storage, and analog stereo input, just to keep everything together.


Let’s have a look at the RX-extra A2080’s features and any price reductions we obtain as a result of the reduced price tag compared to Yamaha’s flagship. Yamaha’s YPAO audio calibration system is included with the unit according to our Yamaha RX A2080 review.

You’ll get a different version of it according to the model you have, with varied features and functions. The RX-A2080 has YPAO – R.S.C. sound optimization with 3D, Precision EQ calculation, and Angle Measurement, which is a step down from the full package, which has a few additional features.

Build Quality

This model, a 7.2-channel amp with a stated 110W of power per channel and an ESS SABRE ES9007S DAC stands in the midst of Yamaha’s five-strong 2018 suite, which spans the mid-range to the comparably high-end.

The addition of a fifth foot in the center of the amp’s undercarriage to reduce vibrations from the power transformer and elsewhere in the device is unusual for an AV receiver, but Yamaha has focused on making its Aventage series as stiff and well-isolated as possible.

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There are plenty of physical connections on the outside of the RX-A1080, including seven HDMI HDCP 2.2 inputs that are compatible with 4K HDR and Dolby Vision content, as well as three similarly equipped HDMI outs.

Frequently Asked Questions: Yamaha RX A2080 Review

What is the Yamaha RX A2080 AV Receiver?

It is a high-end AV receiver designed to provide advanced audio and video capabilities for home entertainment systems. It’s part of Yamaha’s AVENTAGE series.

How many channels does the RX A2080 support?

It is a 9.2 channel receiver, capable of powering up to nine speakers and two subwoofers for a comprehensive surround sound experience.

What are Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio technologies?

They are advanced audio technologies that create a three-dimensional sound environment, adding height and depth to the audio, and making it feel more immersive.

Can I use voice control with the RX A2080?

Yes, Yamaha RX-A2080 supports voice assistant Amazon Alexa.

Does it come with room calibration technology?

Yes, It often includes Yamaha’s YPAO room calibration technology, which adjusts audio settings based on your room’s acoustics.

Can I use a mobile app to control the RX A2080?

Yes, Yamaha provides a mobile app that allows you to control the receiver remotely, adjust settings, and stream music wirelessly.

Is the RX A2080 suitable for larger home theater setups?

Yes, Its 9.2 channel configuration and advanced audio technologies make it well-suited for larger and more immersive home theater systems.

Conclusion: Yamaha RX A2080 [2023 Review]

The RX-A2080 is the type of AV receiver that will astonish even the most skeptics. It provides outstanding performance as well as a plethora of services and features, making it a perfect choice for any home cinema setup.

This model may undoubtedly be at the center of your entertainment system, with 9.2 channels of built-in amplification, 140 watts of power per channel, support for all known audio tracks, as well as different up-mixing and virtual tech.

When you add all of the extra features to the above, you can see how valuable it is. We hope you liked our Yamaha RX A2080 review and it was helpful.

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