Cecilio CCO-500 Wood Cello [2023 Review]

If you have been looking for a good beginner and intermediate cello, we have got you covered in this Cecilio CCO-500 review. The Cecilio CCO-500 is an excellent choice for intermediate or novice cellists. The Cecilio Music Company is most renowned for its high-quality musical instrument and accessory production.

This Cecilio Cello CCO-500 is significantly more convenient because it comes with all of its accessories. Cecilio cellos are well-known for their quality, and they are our number one recommendation. The Cecilio Cello CCO-500 comes with everything you need to get starting. The kit includes a bow, additional strings, rosin, and a plush cello case.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Cecilio CCO-500 review for more information below.

Cecilio CCO-500 Wood Cello

About: For intermediate and beginner cellists, the Cecilio CCO-500 cello is a suitable option. Technicians inspect each cello to verify that their excellent quality standards are met so you can trust Cecilio’s cellos. This cello comes with protective and soft covers, which is a very nice addition that deserves your money.

Build Quality

The Cecilio CCO-500 Cello has a solid wood top with a burnt back, neck, and sides, as well as a hand-carved solid spruce top. It has ebony pegs, a fingerboard, and a tailpiece with mother of pearl inlay and nickel-plated fine-tuning according to this Cecilio CCO-500 review.

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A sturdy and soft bag, an additional set of strings, a Brazilwood bow with unprocessed genuine Mongolian horsehair, rosin, a bridge, and a cello stand are included with the cello. There are three sizes of this instrument: 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4.

Furthermore, the Cello’s body is hand-carved from solid Maplewood to ensure its long-lasting quality, while the tailpiece is produced from the greatest crack-resistant ebony material available.

  • Comes as a kit
  • You can start playing right away
  • Amazing price
  • High-quality materials
  • Grade 1 ebony for the fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece
  • Appearance
  • Needs to be adjusted by a luthier

Sound Quality

The Cecilio Cello CCO-500 is a great deal and offers a lot of great features. This instrument produces music that is incredibly comforting to the spirit. For the price it was sold at, the idiosyncrasies that came with it were not the types that could be found anywhere else according to this Cecilio CCO-500 review.

Why should you buy Cecilio CCO-500?

When it comes to stringed instruments like cellos, Cecilio is one of the most reputable brands. These Cecilio cellos are outfitted with exceptional features that make them ideal for performances according to our Cecilio CCO-500 review.

As a novice, you will need to understand how to examine several models in terms of their distinguishing qualities. This way, you will be able to choose the Cecilio cello that best suits your preferences. When you buy a Cecilio cello, whether it is an electric cello or a wooden cello, you can be assured that you will get a high-quality performance.

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What is included with Cecilio CCO-500?

The nice thing about Cecilio cellos is that they come with most of the accessories you will need to get started. The majority of the time, you can start playing and studying as soon as you have your cello.

To safeguard your instrument, you will want to invest in a study cello case. Fortunately, the majority of Cecilio cellos come with cases. Rosin is a substance that is put to your bow and used to produce friction between it and your cello. Cecilio’s cello kits typically include rosin according to this Cecilio CCO-500 review.

It is crucial to get the correct cello bow for your instrument. A cello bow is included with the majority of Cecilio’s cellos. The rock stop is an optional feature that prevents the cello from slipping and you can get it for your cello.

Although cello strings do not break regularly, it is a good idea to keep an additional pair on hand as we have to mention in this Cecilio CCO-500 review. Extra strings are included in the majority of Cecilio kits.

How to choose the best cello size?

In order to get a good measurement of a potential buyer’s cello size, make sure their knees are at a ninety-degree angle while sitting. When determining the correct size of the cello to buy for a musician, the size of their hand is an important thing to consider.

The truth is that playing an instrument that is excessively large can throw you off balance and/or cause stress in your left hand. When the choice is between two instruments, always choose the smaller one.

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Overall Review of Cecilio CCO-500

The Cecilio CCO-500 is a higher-end model than the CC0-100. With a hand-carved spruce top and maple neck, back, and sides, it boasts superior craftsmanship. Overall, there is not much to worry about with the Cecilio cellos given the price. They truly distinguish themselves in their pricing range.

The COB-500 Brazilwood octagonal bow, cello stand, extra high-quality strings, and excellent rosin are all included in this cello’s package. This cello is one of the best cellos under $500 and is suitable for both beginners and intermediate players. It is also one of the greatest starter cellos.

Conclusion: Cecilio CCO-500 Wood Cello [2023 Review]

When it comes to stringed instruments like cellos, Cecilio is one of the most reputable brands according to our Cecilio CCO-500 review. These Cecilio cellos are outfitted with exceptional features that make them ideal for performances. As a beginner, you need to understand how to examine several models in terms of their distinguishing features.

We hope that this Cecilio cello CCO-500 review has provided you with a thorough understanding of the cello’s characteristics. We wanted to assist you in determining if the Cecilio CCO-500 is the ideal cello for you or your student. Because of its flexibility, this cello is suitable for everybody. We hope you liked our Cecilio CCO-500 review.

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