Behringer BXD3000H [2023 Review]

If you’re one of our regular readers, then you probably know that we love reviewing the best guitars in the market. However, we’ve been reviewing a lot of great amplifiers lately because they are essential to enhance to experience of playing a guitar. In this article, we will review Behringer BXD300H amplifier which was manufactured by a German audio equipment company Behringer.

Behringer BXD300H amplifier is a two-channel amplifier that provides a lot of flexibility to its users. It is probably what you’re looking for if you’re a bass player who is looking for a tonal versatility in his amplifier. It also comes with a built-in compressor, which is also a nice thing.

Behringer BXD3000H Review

  • Amazing value for the money
  • Versatile
  • Lighweight material
  • Sturdy
  • It has everything that you will ever need on an amp
  • Compact
  • Build quality is not the best

Design and Build Quality

It is always a good idea to start with the design of a product because even though aesthetics is not the most important thing it is important. It is one of the things that we like most about this amplifier because it comes with a sleek design that catch one’s eye. The manufacturer managed to create a product that looks very professional.

We should mention that it has a steel chassis and a rigid plastic case, which makes it very durable and that is why you can use Behringer BXD3000H for a long time under normal conditions. You still need to be careful against drops etc. though. Because the fact that it is made of a high-quality material doesn’t mean that it will be resistant to any kind of damage.

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Another thing that is worth mentioning about this product is it weighs in at 7.7lbs which can be considered as a normal weight for an amplifier. It is definitely possible to move Behringer BXD3000H around inside your house but it can be a little hard to carry it everywhere you go if you ever have a desire to take it out of your home.

While talking about build quality, we should also mention that this product comes with built in line outputs and XLR DI, which is the reason why you can use it regardless you are in your home, on stage, or in the studio.


As for the sound quality, we mostly have positive things to say about this amplifier because the manufacturer definitely didn’t disappoint in that area. The main reason for that is that it comes with an amazing shape filter which makes this product produce the precise sound that will make everyone who use this amplifier happy.

The manufacturer claims that this is a 300 watts amplifier. We can say that this is partially true. It will deliver 300 watts PEAK, at let’s say four ohms. As for the true RMS, we can say that it is around 150 watts which is still very impressive considering its price tag.

150 watts true RMS is more than enough if you don’t want to produce an insanely loud sound. It will definitely make you satisfied if you want to use it in your home. Honestly, you will probably won’t even use the maximum volume. You can even use Behringer BXD3000H for a small gig unless you want to give a big concert.

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As we mentioned briefly in the beginning of our review, Behringer BXD3000H is a two-channel amplifier which provides a lot of flexibility. The main reason for that is that it has a clean channel that has a dedicated gain control and it also has gain shape level control that give you the chance to adjust and get the sound that you want. There is also a FBQ equalizer at the center control panel which does a great job at tuning the frequencies.

Is Behringer BXD3000H Worth Buying?

We will start by giving our short answer to that question first, it really depends on what you’re looking for. Behringer is definitely not one of the most popular amplifier producers in the market. However, that doesn’t mean that this product doesn’t have a lot to offer.

We should go ahead and say that this is a budget amplifier which means that it costs much less compared to its equivalents in the market. However, it has a lot of nice features which is something that you wouldn’t expect from an amplifier that doesn’t cost a lot.

It has a clean and decent sound quality and it is also a two-channel bass amplifier which provides a lot of flexibility. It also delivers 300 watts PEAK and 150 watts true RMS which is more than enough for most people. As for the quality of the material, we are very impressed with that also as we mentioned in the beginning of our review since it comes with a steel chassis and a rigid plastic case, which makes this Behringer BXD3000H very durable.

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So, we highly suggest considering this amplifier if you don’t want to give a big concert or something. This product will definitely make you more than happy if you want a high-quality amplifier that produces a great sound that won’t hurt your budget.

Conclusion: Behringer BXD3000H [2023 Review]

We love reviewing different products in the market because everyone has different needs. Not everyone is willing to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars for an amplifier. And in today’s world, you can get a great amp without breaking bank and Behringer BXD3000H is definitely one of them and that is the reason why we wanted to review this product.

We hope that our review of Behringer BXD3000H was helpful to you!

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