Yamaha THR5 Amp [2023 Review]

Everybody knows Yamaha’s name. Even though they are famous for their instruments, their amps are also of good quality. In this Yamaha THR5 Amp review, we will look at one of this amazing brand’s amps, and explore it in detail for the ones who are planning to buy it.

Yamaha THR5 Amp has a good design and lots of features. Even more, it is really lightweight to carry when you travel. There are many built-in effects and amp models. This amp also has a power adapter which allows you to use it without a power supply.

There is also a stereo cable and USB connector in this device, which means you can connect other devices and use your amp. Another distinguishing feature of Yamaha THR5 is its recording program.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Yamaha THR5 review for more information below.

Yamaha THR5 Amp Review

  • Absolutely packed with features
  • Stylish and well built
  • Cubase AI included for free
  • Known issue when battery powered
  • No EQ control

About: Yamaha THR5 Amp is the one to get if you are looking for an amp for practice that will offer you various effects and sounds. In addition to that, this device also allows you to record your music without needing anything else.

Features: Yamaha THR5 Amp has a good design that looks almost like a radio which we really like to see in our Yamaha THR5 Amp review. Without any breaks, let’s dive into this strong amp’s features, what we liked and did not like about it.

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Yamaha THR5 Amp has a metal case that has two small speakers installed in it. The speakers produce 5 watts of power each and they are 3.1 inches. Most other amps come with a standard case, but this one is different and it looks like it can last a long while according to our Yamaha THR5 review.

If you are buying a practice amp, you would expect it to be light and small for sure. Even though Yamaha THR5 is considered a practice amp, it is even lighter and smaller than most of its rivals.

This amp just weighs 2 kgs, which is really easy to carry around and travel with. If you have a small place, looks like you will have no problems storing this tiny THR5.

The THR5 is a modeling amplifier and it can simulate five different types of amplifiers. Among those, there is a clean, crunch, lead, British Hi, and modern modes. Yamaha also says that THR5 can emit tube-like tones.

Based on this Yamaha THR5 Amp review, there are several knobs to control the features of THR5. Thanks to that, you will probably have no problems with it even if it is the first time using an amp.

An Amp knob can be used to change the amp type. To make things easier, each amp type can be seen on the LED screen. Next to the amp knob, there is a control knob placed. This one can be used to create different tones in each amp type.

The master knob adjusts the volume of the amp style in use. It can boost the channel’s strength and offers an opportunity to show your creativity and uniqueness. You can also determine how clean or dark the tone is using this knob.

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Another knob is the effect knob which includes four effects: chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo. These are more than enough for a practice amp but if you feel like they are not enough, you can always add an effect pedal to your amp.

You can see that each effect’s place is marked on the knob and it is really easy to use them as we can say in our Yamaha THR5 Amp review.

In addition to all these, there are four delay/reverb modes on the THR5: delay, delay/reverb, spring reverb, and hall reverb. By pressing a button in time with the rhythm you want to set, you can set a tempo for the delay/reverb effects.

This feature is often seen in more expensive amplifiers so we are really surprised to see Yamaha THR5 includes that kind of feature at this affordable price. You can also use the same button to access the built-in chromatic tuner.

Another advantage of the tap button is that it helps you to increase the stereo output range. If you are using the amp for playback, this feature might be beneficial. When it comes to playback, the THR5 comes with a 3.5mm stereo cable that connects to an external player through the AUX in port.

Thanks to that, you can listen to your favorite songs using Yamaha THR5. If you also want to plug in a headphone, you can while using the phone jack. When you plug in a headphone, the speakers will be muted immediately so you can use this mode to play in silence without annoying anyone else if you are practicing at home.

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Based on this Yamaha THR5 Amp review, the THR5 is ready to use right out of the box. All of the accessories you need are included in the package so you do not need to pay extra for anything else.

Conclusion: Yamaha THR5 Amp [2023 Review]

When it comes to the Yamaha THR5 Amp, the advantages are fairly obvious as we have listed in this Yamaha THR5 Amp review. This amp comes with a power adapter and cables for various purposes. Along with those, there is a recording program installed in this device. When you consider all the bonuses, Yamaha THR5 Amp suffices as an excellent amp.

Yamaha THR5 Amp proves itself with its features and extras for sure. However, this amp also has some disadvantages such as the issue when it runs on battery and its price. However, it does not change the fact that it is a good deal that you cannot miss. We hope you liked our Yamaha THR5 review and it was helpful.

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