Marshall AS50D Amp [2023 Review]

If you are here, you probably looking for an acoustic guitar amplifier at a good price that can last you a long time. To your surprise, we have something called Marshall AS50D Ampthat fits that description and we are sure it can give you even more. In this Marshall AS50D Amp review, let’s explore this amazing amp in detail.

Marshall AS50D Amp is an amp made with durable materials, so its life span is very long. It is a retro-vintage style amp and most of the acoustic guitar players love this appearance. Marshall AS50D is perfect for small-sized concerts and performance  and even more suitable for home practice.

Marshall AS50D Amp is a good acoustic guitar amp because it can directly project how your guitar sounds. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Marshall AS50D review for more information below.

Marshall AS50D Amp Review

About: If you are more into hearing your own guitar’s sound than the filtered version of it with many effects, Marshall AS50D Amp is the one to go because it can project the sound clearly. Even though it has some effects included, it is not much for the ones who are looking to completely change the music they are making.

Features: Marshall AS50D Amp is not an amp that will make your guitar sound like you are playing metal music all the time even if you are not playing that genre. It can give you warm tones without any noise, and it is also capable of making metal and rock sounds at their best.

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Aside from the sound quality, the AS50D includes a combination of extremely useful features such as two independent channels, an effects loop, anti-feedback controls, chorus, and reverb.

Thanks to the features like that, you can use Marshall AS50D Amp every occasion according to our Marshall AS50D Amp review. It does not matter if you will be taking your amp to a small concert or just chill in your home, Marshall AS50D Amp is perfect for both.

Marshall AS50D Amp’s features, appearance, and portability make it a fantastic amp for a beginner device. The tone is really good, but do not expect it to be a high-end one. The two 8′′ Celestions and single tweeter also work well, even to the point that you can bring it to your small concerts.

Both the chorus and the reverb effects of Marshall AS50D Amp are above average according to our Marshall AS50D Amp review.  This is also a unique feature to Marshall AS50D Amp that you can not see in another amp. That is, you can mix the reverb between the channels to achieve the sound you want.

There are two standard inputs in Marshall AS50D Amp dedicated for each channel this amp has. In addition to that, another input for a mic is included. There is a lineout and a DI Out via an XLR socket for outputs which we thought might be really useful for some based on our Marshall AS50D review.

Marshall AS50D Amp comes with a footswitch and effects loop where you can pick the sound you want. This amp has genuinely useful tools to expand your playing options which increases options to show your creativity and skills.

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Marshall AS50D Amp is a 50W amplifier made with the most durable materials out there, and it also comes with two Celestion 8′′ speakers. The tweeter is built-in to deliver a wide frequency range.

There are two channels to Marshall AS50D Amp which consist of volume and master volume, chorus and reverb, bass and treble, and anti-feedback frequency. With these two channels, you can switch between multiple instruments or a guitar and a microphone. Both have volume and sound control so you will be in control of everything for sure.

Some might think that the reverb is more useful than the chorus, and projected better in amps. However, with the case of Marshall AS50D Amp, both effects are really powerful and sound better than most of the amps in the market right now.

The Chorus effect of Marshall AS50D Amp has speed and depth controls, as well as the option of assigning the impact to one or both channels. There is also another aspect to this amp that we would like to mention in our Marshall AS50D Amp review.

Marshall AS50D Amp comes with an anti-feedback feature. However, this one might be a little bit hard to control for someone who is using an amp for the first time. Even though this feature might be considered for pros, Marshall did a good job making it easier for beginners and intermediates to control.

You can use the frequency sweep dial to try to locate the offending frequency, as well as the phase reverse and notch buttons. All of these features are programmed to help you identify the frequencies that are triggering the feedback.

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This amp is around 35 pounds, which is really heavy to carry around if you ask us. If you are a musician on the go, you should be prepared and come up with plans on how to carry your amp in advance.

Conclusion: Marshall AS50D Amp [2023 Review]

Overall, according to our Marshall AS50D Amp review, this is a well-equipped acoustic guitar amp that will not leave you half road. It has a variety of features that you can make the most of for sure. Even more, it has an amazing design that everybody admires.

You cannot find another amp like this at this price point if you ask us. Marshall AS50D Amp manages to offer high-end quality at an affordable price. The tone is above average, but if you think it is not enough for you, you can always match and mix the channels and add effects for some extra creativity.

With the inputs and channels and anti-feedback feature, Marshall AD50D Amp is a deal hard to miss. We hope you liked our Marshall AS50D Amp review and it was helpful.

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