Orange Crush 20RT Amp [2023 Review]

In our Orange Crush 20RT Amp review, we will look at this amp which produces 20 watts of power, and help you to decide whether this is good equipment for you or not. Orange is a good brand that you might have came across when searching for an amp, but is that actually true?

Orange Crush 20RT Amp excels in both sound and design. It has a vintage-style casing and amazing sound, and the analog circuitry this device has is something to admire. Even more, it is really easy to use this amp so even people who have never touched an amp before can use it.

This model is an upgraded version of other Orange amps, so you can expect that it has more to offer. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Orange Crush 20RT Amp review for more information below.

Orange Crush 20RT Amp Review

  • Wide Variety of Tones
  • Stylish Vintage Design
  • Simple to Use
  • No Memory Banks

About: Orange Crush 20RT Amp includes a chromatic tuner and a reverb effect which you could not see in other Orange amp models. For that reason, the price might be higher than usual, but it definitely is worth the money.

Features: Thanks to the 8-inch speaker this amp has, it can produce 20 watts of power. You might notice that Orange Crush 20RT Amp looks somewhat larger than other amps, but it still falls to the lightweight side, weighing just 7kgs.

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20 watts is a lot of power, but even considering that, Orange Crush 20RT Amp is just a practice amp that you can use at home or in a small studio. Based on our Orange Crush 20RT Amp review, this much power can really give you some solid guitar playing sessions.

The amp comes with a detachable power cord, which is really convenient. You cannot run orange Crush 20RT Amp on batteries, so this cable will really come in handy.

If you want the truth, most amps that can produce this much power cannot be powered by batteries anyway, as we have to say in our Orange Crush 20RT Amp review. If you want something to carry around and use without a power supply, you can check some mini amps for sure.

This amp follows Orange‚Äôs theory of constructing amps by using all-analog circuitry. We have to say that they are making a great job at it, too. There are two channels on the amp: clean and dirty.  You can use the switch to change between these two channels.

In addition to that, each channel has its own volume control which will really come in handy.  Orange Crush 20RT Amp also has a three-band EQ with controls for bass, center, and treble.

Without a doubt, the design of the Orange Crush 20RT Amp is its best aspect. The vintage-retro vibe is what most guitar players are looking for nowadays, and Orange excels in that area.

According to our Orange Crush 20RT Amp review, there is also a built-in chromatic tuner included in this amp, which is good to have if you do not have a clip-on tuner.

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Orange Crush 20RT Amp can produce a wide range of tones. You can play songs from every genre and everybody can use this for their own preferences. The tones of this Orange Crush 20RT Amp range from funk and blues to clean and mellow.

The amp is really easy to use but you have to get used to it by trying it out and gaining experience. You can create a wide range of tones if you are willing to invest some time to this equipment.

This amp also includes mid-power that you cannot really see in many amps. The built-in reverb effect also has its own control knob on Orange Crush 20RT Amp. If you turn it all the way up, you might get some irritating sounds but it is good at adding warmth to your guitar at low levels.

There is a 1/4-inch headphone port on the Orange Crush 20RT Amp. That can allow you to plug in a pair of headphones if you are planning to practice without making anyone upset. You can also connect a mixer or recording console to the same port.

A footswitch can be placed on the back of the amp. This allows you to switch between the clean and dirty channels without having to stop playing. However, that foot-switch is sold separately.

Conclusion: Orange Crush 20RT Amp [2023 Review]

If you like analog amps, Orange Crush 20RT Amp is a good choice. Even though it might be pricey for some, the design and sound quality make up for it as we can say in our Orange Crush 20RT Amp review.

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We cannot claim that this amp can fill a large room, so if you are looking for something like that, this equipment might not be the one you are looking for.

Orange Crush 20RT Amp is good for beginners or expert guitarists who are searching for an amp to play at home. Surprisingly, it is really good at filling a small room with a wonderful tone.

20 watts can produce lots of sound as we have mentioned in our Orange Crush 20RT Amp review before. But this one still is a practice amp that you can use at home or in a small room. You will definitely be able to produce a wide range of bright and warm sounds.

Orange Crush 20RT Amp also has a reverb effect that adds dynamics to the music you are making. When you combine that with the three-band EQ, there is no way a bad sound can come out of your guitar.

We have to remind you that there are no memory banks included in Orange Crush 20RT Amp, so you have to customize your settings each time. The Crush 20RT is well worth considering if you enjoy analog amps and the simplicity they offer. We hope you liked our Orange Crush 20RT Amp review and it was helpful.

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