Boss TU3 vs Polytune 2 [2023 Review]

If you are on the lookout for a decent chromatic tuner, we have two models for you. There are several ones on the market, we know that, but these two are exceptional for some obvious reasons

The Boss TU3 vs PolyTune 2 caused quite a hype in the market nowadays so it is only natural to not be able to decide between these two. Both are great chromatic tuners with a lot of positive reviews.

Despite being slightly more expensive, chromatic tuners like Boss TU3 vs Polytune 2 are well worth the money. They can provide all twelve notes and they can tune a lot faster and accurately.

If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Boss TU3 vs Polytune 2 review for more information below. We will be looking at both of their features, pros, and cons to find out which one makes a better buy for your own needs.

Winner of Boss TU3 vs Polytune 2: Boss TU3

Even though it suffices fine, the readability of Polytune 2 is worse than TU3. It is hard to strum six strings and see which ones are out of tune with Polytune 2. It is buffered, but you can switch it to true bypass if you want but it does not give a good result when true bypass is on.

Boss TU3, on the other hand, has two outputs. One is affected by the footswitch, the other is bypass which we think is very convenient and efficient. Both of the products tune very well, and both have a 9V out for daisy-chaining other pedals with power.

Even though Polytune 2 is an outstanding tuner, Boss TU3 is more efficient than that. Therefore, the winner of our Boss TU3 vs Polytune 2 review is Boss TU3.

BOSS TU-3 Tuner Review

Features: Boss TU3’s accuracy has been improved and it has a LED display. With the recent update, it tunes the guitar more precisely and outperforms its predecessors. Even though the difference between the models released before is minor, it does not change the fact that TU3 is a better tool to use for fine-tuning. 

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Drop tuning up to six semitones and bass tuning up to three flats are among the other features that are offered in Boss TU3. Thanks to the new high brightness mode, the maximum current draw has increased from 55mA (TU-2) to 85mA. The TU3 will supply a total of 200mA to up to seven other BOSS Compacts.

True-bypass switching is not supported by this model, which may be a problem for some users. However, the normal output is more than enough if you will be using long leads and several pedals.

What we liked the most about Boss TU3 is its High-Brightness Mode for outdoor visibility. You can use this device in any lighting situation thanks to that. There is a 21-segment LED Meter, Drop Tuning Support, and Guitar/Bass offered with this guitar and bass tuner pedal.

This is a guitar tuner pedal in the form of a stompbox and it has a LED meter with brightness regulation and 21 segments. When tuning is complete, the Accu-Pitch sign feature provides visual confirmation and eases the process of tuning.

  • Accurate
  • High brightness mode
  • Affordable
  • True-bypass switching is not supported

Polytune 2 Review

Features: Among the features of Polytune 2, a dedicated bass mode, as well as presets for drop-D tunings, transposed tunings, and capo positions up to the fifth fret can be found. The PolyTune 2 also has a strobe-tuning feature. We think that it is especially useful for guitar players who need a precise tuner for pro works.

Polytune 2 has a brighter display and it is better made than the previous models. In addition to that, it comes with a built-in sensor that adjusts brightness according to current lighting conditions. You may also adjust the frequency to anything other than the normal A = 440.

A nine-volt battery or a power adapter can be used to power the PolyTune 2, however, they are not included so you have to buy them yourself. It also has a power output jack that can power additional pedals. Finally, a USB port is included for potential firmware updates.

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You will be blown away by how well Polytune 2 works, and it goes well with any kind of guitar. The response time is really quick and it can read a low A on the baritone without difficulty. Thanks to the bright screen, things are never hard to read. In bright sunlight, some tuners are nearly unreadable, but the PolyTune 2 is not like them.

  • Ultra-compact tuner with polyphonic, chromatic, and strobe tuning
  • Ultra-compact Tiny footprint easily fits on any pedalboardwith polyphonic, chromatic, and strobe tuning
  • Polyphonic tuning
  • Fast tuning
  • Internal memory
  • The battery screw is difficult to open

Boss TU3 vs Polytune 2 Comparison

If you are looking for a new tuner pedal, it is worth looking into these excellent alternative tuners, especially if your tuning requirements go beyond what is expected as standard today. So, without further ado, let’s compare Boss TU3 vs Polytune 2.

The display of Polytune 2 remains bright even in demanding conditions and extreme light.  The TC Electronic PolyTune 2 is without a doubt one of the best tuner pedals available today.

Polytune 2 is very lightweight and accurate. It can quickly track the notes and it comes with true bypass. If you think a tuner does not need a USB port and possible firmware upgrades, then Polytune 2 might not be the one for you.

Overall, Polytune 2 is an accurate and quick tuner. However, its polytune function seems a little useless, not very accurate, and slow.  It often displays that polytune function first before landing on the individual string. Also, we think that Polytune 2 would work better as a home tuner rather than a stage tuner.

Boss TU3 is definitely heavier than the Polytune and it has its own disadvantages and advantages at the same time. It has a better build quality than Polytune 2, so it will probably last for a very long time. However, it is chunkier so it might cause problems while carrying it around.

It is also another accurate tuner with a simple interface and display. It does not have true bypass, but when compared to Polytune 2, it makes a way better stage tuner. You can definitely rely on Boss TU3 more. Boss TU3 is quicker when it comes to tracking notes and it is accurate in the fastest way.

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It seems like Boss TU3 will not take damage even from big bumps and booms, so we can say that it is indestructible. It is a really straightforward tool, it claims to do one thing and it does that thing really well without any problem.

Tuners are probably looked down on by so many people but true guitarists know their actual worth. Nevertheless, high-quality models often have useful features that you do not want to overlook such as Boss TU3 vs Polytune 2.

Polytune 2 actually has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness level automatically and dynamically. On the other hand, the screen on the Boss TU 3 is excellent for indoor use. However, it does not change automatically like the Polytune 2.

In addition, the PolyTune 2 includes a true bypass mode for the times that you need to tune your guitar in silence. The Boss TU 3 has a bypass mode, but it is not a true bypass, so it can affect your tone even when the device is turned off.

When you strum all strings on your guitar or bass at once, the PolyTune feature on the PolyTune 2 automatically detects which strings need tuning. That is probably the best feature of Polytune 2 since it can be very useful in reducing tuning time. However, when detecting open notes, this feature slows the device down.

On the other hand, the Boss TU 3 features a variety of modes such as Chromatic and Guitar/Bass. You can also do flat tuning with the Guitar Flat mode, which allows for drop tunings.

Conclusion: Boss TU3 vs Polytune 2 [2023 Review]

Both the Boss TU 3 vs PolyTune 2 are fantastic tuners with excellent accuracy. Polytune 2 comes with a polytune feature, but unfortunately, it does not make a lot of use. It also has true bypass, unlike Boss TU3, but it is better off without it.

Both of their displays are very good and convenient. They are both reliable tuners but Polytune 2 seems to be a little sluggish and tricky. For that reason, it suffices as a home tuner and Boss TU3 wins the battle of Boss TU3 vs Polytune 2.

Because of its super-fast tracking, indestructible housing, and smooth usage, the Boss TU3 is the better one among these two. If you are looking for a tuner to use at the stage, Boss TU3 is the one to buy. We hope you liked our Boss TU3 vs Polytune 2 review and it was helpful.

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