Rock Stop for Cello [2023 Review]

There are many cellists who complain about bad performances they had because they had forgotten to bring their customary rug to anchor their endpin, and the slick floor would not hold the more traditional rock stop they had brought.

Of course, their cello, as well as his fingers and attention, went flying at inappropriate times. This got us thinking about the many types of endpin holders and their benefits or disadvantages.

An extremely sharp endpin is probably the finest method to attach a cello. But this results in thousands of pin-size holes. That is why you might need a rock stop for cello. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Rock Stop for Cello review for more information below.

MI&VI Cello and Double Bass Round Endpin Stop - Perfect Anti-Slip Rest, Sound Stopper, Holder Pin, Real Wood
  • Constructed from authentic, sturdy, real wood to ensure stability and durability, while still maintaining its...
  • Strong density foam to protect the floor when you practice or perform, while safely securing your instrument while...
  • Features a stylish and solid design that will perfectly match the design of any cello and bass instrument
Dycem STN1130 Black Hole Cello Mat
  • An essential for any cellist
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Patented non-slip technology
TROPHY Cello Rest (4081)
  • Reinforced metal cup with black rubber Base
  • made to suit industry standards
  • Designed for comfort

Our Top Pick: MI&VI Cello and Double Bass Round Endpin Stop

Features: Authentic, strong, real wood construction of MI&VI Cello and Double Bass Round Endpin Stop ensures stability and longevity, while a lovely patterned design adds to the aesthetic appeal.

Strong density foam protects your floors while practicing or performing, while also properly fastening your instrument while playing. This rock stop for cello features a fashionable and sturdy design that will fit the style of any cello or bass instrument.

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A large solid-grip hole in the center of the stopper is easy to detect and adjust for a range of sizes and preferences. Also, the interior diameter is 4cm and the outside diameter is 14cm. If you are looking for the best rock stop for cello, this is the one.

The MI&VI Cello Anti-Slip Endpin is the ideal complement to any cello. It has a sturdy and elegant appearance that sets it apart from similar items. You will not have to worry about harming the floor with the MI &VI Cello Anti-Slip Endpin.

It has wonderful features that assist holding your musical instrument in place and prevents the floor from scratching. The item is built of high-quality, robust wood that provides long-term durability and stability without losing aesthetic appeal.

  • Does not slide
  • Looks good and functional
  • Great quality
  • Heavy
  • Might be too big for some cellos

Runner Up: Dycem STN1130 Black Hole Cello Mat

Features: If you are looking for the best rock stop for cello, this is the one. The black hole cello mat is a non-slip, British-made mat that keeps your spike from sliding as you play.

It is tiny enough to fit in any cello bag or even your pocket, allowing you to take it with you to any practice or musical show. The unique non-slip technology keeps the cello in place regardless of how vigorously it is played, while also preserving the floor from scratches.

It has been tried and it is true that it will remain put even on a granite or hardwood floor. The Black Hole is made of a polymer that can grasp onto nearly any surface. Do you require a low-cost Cello mat that will prevent your musical instrument from shifting during a performance or practice session?

If you answered yes, the Dycem STN1130 is a fantastic choice for you. It comes in a black hue and is made in the United Kingdom. The gadget weighs around 2.08 ounces and is 5.5 x 3.5 x 1 inch in size. The product has a number of advantages, including simplicity and portability, to name a few.

Best for Budget: TROPHY Cello Rest (4081)

Features: If you are looking for the Original Rock Stop for Bass or Cello, it is this Endpin Rest. It is a beautiful semi-soft hockey puck with a diameter of around 3 1/2 inches and a thickness of about a half-inch.

If you are looking for the best rock stop for cello, this is the one. The bottom includes ribbing to assist it to remain in place on almost any surface. A large, circular 1+ inch golden cup, about a half-inch deep, sits in the middle.

It is really simple to aim for and strike even on a dimly illuminated stage. There is no mention of the “Made in ____” label on the goods of TROPHY. They are of excellent quality, but if you want to know the origin of your products they do not provide it.

If you are looking for a practical and easy-to-use cello endpin rest, the Trophy 4081 Cello Endpin Rest is a good option. It is a fantastic tool for anyone learning to play a musical instrument.

The Trophy Cello Endpin Rest is not only good for beginners but it can also be used by professionals to keep their cello in position during a performance. When you are searching for an endpin rest to protect your cello from sliding forward, this is one of the finest options.

  • Reinforced metal cup with black rubber Base
  • Made to suit industry standards
  • Designed for comfort
  • Does not hold well on wooden floors

What is rock stop for cello?

Endpin pauses or rock stops are other names for cello endpin rests. A cellist’s necessary accouterments include these. Because cellos are not supported on the shoulder like violins, they must be supported by the floor via the endpin.

Because the endpin has a strong tendency to slip, you will need either a good endpin stop or an exceptionally pointed endpin to avoid this.

Why do you need a rock stop for cello?

To avoid a bad scenario like your instrument sliding on the stage, either purchase an endpin stopper or ensure that your endpin is sharp enough.

The disadvantage of having an extremely sharp endpin is that you end up with tiny pinholes on every surface your endpin touches. I can only imagine the theater students’ outrage by our endpin vandalism at the studio theater where we rehearse.

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What is the solution? We have listed three fantastic rock stops that not only protect your floor but also give excellent anti-slip properties. Check them out above.

What is the purpose of a rock stop for cello?

A cello endpin stopper, also known as an endpin anchor, is a device that is put between the endpin of a cello and the floor to keep it from slipping. When a cello’s endpin is not sharp enough to attach itself to the floor surface, or when the player does not want to harm the floor, an endpin stopper is frequently used.

Stoppers for endpins come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Make sure you pick the one that suits your own instruments.

Rock Stop “Black Hole”

Simply put, a rock stop is a circular piece of rubber or plastic with a rubber base. Between the cello endpin and the floor is where the rock stop is positioned. The weight of the cello produces enough friction in the rock stop when the endpin is inserted, preventing the cello from slipping.

Anchor for endpin straps

The cellist’s chair leg is attached to one end of the endpin strap anchor, and the endpin is inserted into the other, producing tension between the cello and the chair leg. Because the cello is virtually linked to the chair, this is a very secure anchor.

Endpin Anchors Made of Wood

Wooden anchors are similar to strap anchors in that they include numerous holes for the endpin instead of a single hole for the endpin, allowing the cellist to pick the most comfortable position.

What is the origin of the rock stop for cello?

In the late 1800s, an unidentified bright spark came up with the idea of placing a wooden stick on the end of his cello. Of course, if he had been a true genius, he would have gone straight to his local patent office, but his identity has been preserved.

The concept took off like wildfire, and soon every cellist had a spike on the end of their instrument. This gave them better sound (warm calves would have dulled their cello projection) and more artistic freedom to swing around.

The addition of an endpin is said to have increased the number of women who chose to play the cello since it made sitting side-saddle easier.

Conclusion: Rock Stop for Cello [2023 Review]

Endpin stops, often known as rock stops, are an important piece of equipment for cellists. Because a cello does not have a shoulder like a violin or a viola, it must rely on the endpin for stability.

You will need either a really sharp endpin, ideally made of silicon carbide or a superb endpin stop to keep this endpin from sliding. Read our list of the best Rock Stop for Cello to make sure you purchase the correct cello endpin stop.

Imagine your cello flying out from beneath you during a concert because you do not have a good endpin stop. We have listed the three best Rock Stop for Cello for you to not let this happen to you. We hope you liked our Rock Stop for Cello review and it was helpful.

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