Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp [2023 Review]

Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp is one of the mini amps that has been getting the attention of the people on the net. If you are also looking for a mini amp, you might be wondering whether this one is suitable for you or not. For that reason, we thought this Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp review would be a great help for the ones who are curious about it.

Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp is a mini amp that has lots to offer. It has a small power output and is a modeling amp. This means it uses digital circuitry which can mimic the tones of other amps. This one has two channels; one for the guitar and the other for a mic and it means you can use this amp for any situation you could need.

The reason why mini amps are popular is because of their small size and weight. You can carry them almost anywhere without much trouble. In this Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp review, we will look at this mini amp’s offerings by exploring its features, pros, and cons.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp review for more information below.

Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp Review

About: Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp is a mini amp that can be powered with 6 AA batteries or a power adapter that is already included in the package. With batteries, this small amp can give you 12 hours of play. Not to mention Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp is really easy to carry since it is just 3 kgs.

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Features: Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp comes with a 5-inch speaker located in the back of the case, and the batteries are also can be mounted by removing the back. It can produce 3 watts of power, which is expected from an amp this small.

The top panel is divided into three control areas in general. The mic input field, which is located on the left side, is really easy to use. You can connect a mic through this 1/4 inch microphone input here.

Two control knobs, one for trim and one for send, are located underneath the input port. The trim knob controls the microphone input volume, while the send knob controls the volume sent to the delay and reverb effects.

Based on our Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp review, when you open the back of the amp, you will see the battery compartment. The mechanism to open it and the place you can put the batteries in seems to be in a good condition if you take into account that this is a mini amp.

For your guitar, there is another 1/4 inch jack input provided. The amp control knob is located to the right of this part. The amp control knob, which is modeled after the classic VOX symbol, gives you access to the 11 amp models.

The gain, tone, and volume control knobs are located next to the amp styles control knob. However, there is no proper EQ regulation which probably one of the big issues with this amp because it can literally limit your opportunity to create custom tones.

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There are four basic effects in Vox Mini 3 G2Guitar Amp: Compressor, Chorus, Flanger, and Tremolo. You can find each effect by the labels that indicate their place. For each effect, you can increase their intensity with their dedicated knobs. All of these effects are fine but do not expect anything unique to Vox Mini 3 G2.

There are two types of delay and two types of reverb effects. Both of them are operated by a single knob. Moreover, there are built-in effects such as analog delay which can help you achieve a warmer sound. Tape echo is more like a vintage effect that increases the intensity of your sound.

Spring reverb is considered as a more mellow effect and the Room is more hearable when you turn it on all the way.

Another feature that we really liked about Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp is the headphone jack for quiet guitar playing sessions. When you put your headphones in, the speakers will automatically shut down.

There is a tap button that can be used to set the reverb effect’s tempo according to this Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp review. You just simply tap on it, as the name implies, and match it to the beat of your music. The LED screen will help you do that by blinking.

Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp also has a built-in tuner. You can access that by pressing and holding the Tap button for one second. But keep in mind that whenever you tune your guitar, you cannot use the speakers. Overall, the tuner is easy to use and works in the same way as a clip-on tuner.

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Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp has an auto-off option, which comes in handy when it comes to saving batteries according to this Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp review. If you do not use Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp for an hour, it will shut down.

Conclusion: Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp [2023 Review]

The biggest problem with this amp is the sound quality according to this Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp review. If you turn the knobs and effects to the higher levels, it sounds rough.

It is loud for sure, but it lacks the quality other higher end amps have. But when you consider the price and weight, Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp is worth buying if it meets your needs.

Overall, this one is a mini amp that weighs 3kgs and we can say in our Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp review that it is really easy to carry. It is affordable and has a three-band EQ. It has lots of features that are worth exploring, so we can recommend this one if you are looking for something small to use at home.

The Mini3 is a good option if you want something that is compact, has a lot of functionality, and is perfect for a complete beginner. Not to mention that it comes with a port for a mic. We hope you liked our Vox Mini 3 G2 Guitar Amp review and it was helpful.

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