Grado SR225E vs SR325E [2023 Review]

We will set these two headphones against each other in this Grado SR225E vs SR325E review to see which is the better product. Grado is a firm that creates headphones with less of an emphasis on design, and you might have heard of them since they have amazing sound quality.

These two headphones are no exception to Grado’s rule and they have a fashionable appearance. If you are wondering to see if buying the Grado SR325e is truly worth the extra money, you are at the right place.

If you are unfamiliar with either of those headphones, we can say that they are known for their excellent sound quality. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Grado SR225E vs SR325E review for more information below.

Winner of Grado SR225E vs SR325E: Grados SR325e

We need to pick a winner and we choose the Grados SR325e for the extra money. If you are planning to buy headphones because you want high sound quality, you should get the SR325E.

The SR325E is built to last so you can use it for a long period of time. It is the better one in terms of sound quality. We can say that it is produced from the highest-grade materials, and the difference is easily discernible if you try both of them. If you are a professional who needs the best of the best SR325E is well worth the money.

GRADO SR225e Headphones Review

Features: Grado seems like they are not interested in changing the look of their headphones. The SR225e, like its predecessors in the SR Series, looks fantastic and fashionable. No one will describe the Grado SR225e as a pair of comfy headphones, and the headband is still too minimally padded.

The Grado SR225e headphones are good for clean sound, but their performance overall is not very suitable to use daily. Even at modest volumes, their open-back design leaks a lot of noise, but you will have this problem with almost any open-back headphones.

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If you wear these while moving around, they will immediately slide off your head. But they are not too tight and are lightweight to carry around. But it does not change the fact that these are excellent for listening to music in a neutral environment.

They boast a large soundstage and excellent instrument and voice reproduction. They lack bass and can be a little harsh at times, but they accurately replicate the high-res music.

  • The soundstage is incredibly large
  • Crisp imagery and flat frequency ranges
  • Because of the open back on the ear design of the cups, it does not cause ears to sweat
  • Cups that lay flat
  • Thin headband
  • The open back cups have a very leaky sound and little noise reduction
  • Plastic cups and cushion fabrics

GRADO SR325e Stereo Headphones Review

Features: Grado SR325E seems like it is built to last. The construction remains durable and the earcups spin 360 degrees. Foam earpads hang over your ears rather than hugging them, keeping them cool and breezy. While some people prefer a more snug fit, the Grados cannot give you that.

The headband adjusts effortlessly with a sliding mechanism. Despite not being cushioned, you will notice how light it feels once you get them on your head. The SR325e headphones, like all open-back models, do not block out external noise.

They also leak sound, so they are not suitable for travelers or listening to high-volume music in an open environment. Grado also does not give the customers a carrying case for these headphones so you have to buy them yourself.

We can say that these headphones are built for home use rather than mobile use. In addition to these, we can say that the open-back design of the SR325e headphones provides highly clear, detailed sound and spacious stereo images.

Also, foam earpads may be popular with certain people, but some say they are not that comfortable. The SR325e headphones produce a very open, detailed sound that provides for thrilling listening, even if they are not for people who enjoy loud bass.

Grado SR225E vs SR325E Comparison

Purchasing a pair of high-quality headphones is always in line with what you intend to use them for. You also need to take into account the budget issues. The SR225e model offers a larger selection of high-quality sounds for the money, regardless of the sort of music you wish to listen to.

The higher-end SR325e model, on the other hand, produces a purer sound, allowing you to hear every instrument and every change made in the music. The SR325e is a superior alternative for individuals who appreciate music with fewer bells and whistles and higher integrity from studio to ear.

The SR225e, on the other hand, will give a larger spectrum of quality sound. It would be a better choice for people who listen to a wide variety of musical genres.

Grado SR225E vs SR325E Comparison

The headbands on both headphones are well-padded and provide excellent comfort. The Grado SR225E includes a metal casing. Because the headband does not have enough tension, it also does not provide a stable fit.

There is no microphone or Bluetooth on both of them, so if you need a wireless connection or a headphone that will enable you to make calls, you will not find them here.

Grado SR225E vs SR325E Sound Quality

The difference between Grado SR225E vs SR325E is almost nonexistent. Both have the same sensitivity capability and impedance of 99.8fB. The discrepancies, on the other hand, differ, and they have their own impact and cause a difference when it comes to sound quality.

If you enjoy a wide variety of musical genres we can recommend getting Grado SR225E. It can offer accurate, detailed sound with a wide spectrum of high-quality frequencies.  It provides each track in its own volume and gives off the most natural sound without compromising the original input sound.

Both of them can give accurate sound output since the bass and treble of these headphones are perfectly balanced. When listening to music you might have noticed that some other cheap versions have a tendency to amp up the bass.

You will not have that kind of an issue with both of these headphones since they offer a well-balanced sound. The sound quality of the Grado SR325e is, however, a little conditional or selective. That means no bad thing. Actually the opposite, since it improves the sound quality of music played.

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Grado SR325E is better suited to jazz, classical, and folk music. If you prefer listening to dubstep, hip hop, or electronic music you should consider Grado SR225E.

If you want to choose between these, know that Grado SR325E creates better sound with certain music. On the other hand, Grado SR225E produces true and detailed sound regardless of the type of music being played.

Grado SR225E vs SR325E Build Quality

The Grado SR225E includes a headband with a plastic-like casing. Since it is high-quality, you can use these headphones for a long time for sure. Since it has a retro design, metal housing, and padded leather headband, Grado SR325E headphones are considered more fashionable.

The metal casing, on the other hand, gives them the appearance of being a little heavier. You can notice the heaviness when you try them on. Clearly, the Grado SR225E is the lighter one.

We believe that you want to spend money on things that will last longer. Even though SR225E wins the build quality battle, there is no doubt SR325E looks better and it is also made of very durable materials.

Grado SR225E vs SR325E Price

Grado SR225E is currently being sold for around $450 while the SR325E is around $410. The price gap is not much therefore we do not recommend taking it into consideration while making your final decision.

Grado SR225E vs SR325E Design

The backs of both headphones are open. You might be wondering why such a feature is important. Let us explain: open-back design lets the sound go out. Open-back headphones leak too much sound, so in a way, it allows outside sound to intrude on the music being played.

This could be a disadvantage for some people and this is definitely a criterion to take into consideration when making your final decision. However, some sound engineers prefer open-back headphones because they provide a more balanced sound.

Conclusion: Grado SR225E vs SR325E [2023 Review]

There are very few differences between Grado SR225E vs SR325E when it comes to sensitivity, impedance, frequency response, comfort, portability, and code length. They do, however, differ in sound quality, design, and durability.

You should take your time to determine which option best suits your interests. There is no poor choice between them, and you should also consider other headphones in this price range. We hope you liked our Grado SR225E vs SR325E review and it was helpful.

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