Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal [2022 Review]

In this Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal review, we will be looking at the features of a multi-function pedal that falls to the high-end side of the market. Beginners might feel overwhelmed with this pedal, but it is actually easy to master if you give the time.

Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal is a pedal packed with lots of features waiting for you to explore. It is considered a pro-level pedal, and it works up to the hype. It allows musicians to experiment with, blend, and layer a variety of classic effects with ease.

If you are not a pro or a performer, you can still use this and start getting used to what pros are dealing with. You can control your music in an analog way using knobs instead of going into complicated parameters. Luckily, Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal can offer you exactly that.

This pedal is easy to use and it comes with the effects that are most commonly used. You can change the parameters of each effect easily, in a matter of seconds. Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal also allows you to save your presets, so you do not have to trouble yourself by setting them up again.

There are lots to say about Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal review for more information below.

Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal Review

About: Nux Cerberus comes with an extra footswitch that can be assigned to the effect. Or, you can use it as a boost. What makes Nux Cerberus special is the possibility to change the order of overdrive and distortion.

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Features: Cerberus is a good choice of name for this pedal because you can do whatever you want with it. This device literally offers you complete freedom. You can experiment with sounds, blend, and layer a variety of classic effects.

That is not the only aspect of Nux CerberusMulti Effects Guitar Pedal. Analogue overdrive, distortion circuits, delay, reverb, and modulation are among the other features of this multi-effect pedal. So, we can say in our Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedalreview that there is nothing this pedal does not have.

Delay/modulation and overdrive/distortion parts of the pedal have separate outputs, which means you will need another cable to use them. This might be a hard job for beginners and we totally understand that.

For more experienced users, these different outputs may be used to change your amp’s characteristics. When you consider all of these features to Nux CerberusMulti Effects Guitar Pedal, looks like the manufacturer is aiming to be the best in the market without a doubt.

You can put time or modulation-based effects in the effects loop in Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal. There is also a bunch of more sophisticated and convenient features that will help you play with this device. The built-in tuner, editing tools, and MIDI support make it a lot easier to reach the sound you are intending to create.

Some effects such as delay and distortion require extra cables as we have found out in this Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal review. There are a variety of options that you can try out but those are not as simple to use as the other pedals you can find in the market.

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However, if you are familiar with pedals and know what you are doing, you will definitely be amazed at the fact that this small unit has literally everything you possibly could want.

Of course, the fun part of a pedal is playing around with effects. While doing that, we are sure that you would not want to lose your custom sets, right? Luckily, Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal has multiple banks of presets.

You can control each of them with up/down and A-D switches. What is more, you can stack them on top of one another and create some unique sounds of your own.

Nux Cerberus’ analogue distortion and overdrive effects are undeniably the best part of this pedal. Thanks to those, you can make rock, metal, and blues music. Moreover, you can mimic the 70s and 80s tones with accuracy.

There is also an option to change the distortion and overdrive effect routing. This will allow you to toggle each effect individually or mix them together.

Also, we thought that the Cerberus V5 software should be mentioned in this Nux Cerberus review. This software enables you to modify and save presets, customize the settings, and export presets so you can listen to them whenever you like.

To be honest, this feature makes using Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal a lot easier and everybody should get help from it. It helps a lot to find whatever works for your own creation.

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Nux Cerberus might seem like it is easy to use at first, however, there are just lots to explore according to our Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal review.

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There are buttons, switches, and effect templates all over Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal, and all of them are for ease of use. Those make it easy for the players to change and save a wide range of tones.

Conclusion: Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal [2022 Review]

Despite the appearance, the Nux Cerberus is actually much lighter than you would guess. However, it still feels sturdy and strong as we have mentioned in this Nux Cerberus review before.

So, you will not have to worry about breaking it while using it. It still falls to the large pedals’ side, but users are not complaining about it at all.

The Nux Cerberus multi-function guitar pedal can provide all the functionality you might be seeking. No matter what skill level you are, you will have full control over your music. Even though beginners might be confused with lots of stuff to deal with at first, we are sure they can get used to it in no time.

Overall, Nux Cerberus is a good pedal that offers control over every little detail, and it is worth the money. We hope you liked our Nux Cerberus Multi Effects Guitar Pedal review and it was helpful.

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