Lagrima Piano 88 Key Digital Piano Review [2023 Review]

This Lagrima digital piano review was updated in 2021 to reflect the most recent variety of piano models available from this manufacturer. In this Lagrima piano review, we discuss the company’s new model, which includes a variety of functions.

It’s difficult to tell which model of Lagrima digital piano you’re looking at on Amazon. Some even appear to have multiple model numbers!

In this review, we highlighted the features of this amazing piano. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Lagrima Piano 88 Key Digital Piano Review for more information below.

Lagrima Piano 88 Key Digital Piano

  • It’s available in traditional black or white to match any decor
  • 88 standard size, fully GHS weighted keys for a grand piano-like playing experience
  • For more control, touch sensitivity can be switched on or off
  • DSP2000 sound sample (128MB) provides clean, steady, and vibrant sound
  • Instructions in the manual are not clear

About: A wonderful option is the LAGRIMA Digital Piano. It offers all of the capabilities and conveniences of a digital piano in a stylish console that will look fantastic in your home and provide a realistic piano sound and feel.

Is Lagrima a Good Brand?

Lagrima is a Chinese brand that makes a variety of home furniture and electronics, as well as musical instruments. Their items are both stylish and affordable. However, we are sure you’re thinking if the cost reflects the quality.

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‘Is Lagrima a good piano brand?’ you might wonder.

Lagrima pianos aren’t the most expensive on the market. They are a less expensive option. But we are sure you already knew that! Consider a Yamaha or a Roland if you want a top-of-the-line digital piano.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you get what you pay for.” In this situation, though, we believe Lagrima provides unexpectedly good products for the modest price paid by the buyer.

The firm has updated and developed new digital piano models in the previous year or so. On Amazon, the brand has become a bestseller.

Lagrima pianos have a lot of features, and the built-in stereo speakers generate outstanding sound.

Who should buy Lagrima Piano?

The LAGRIMA Digital Piano is for people who want to learn how to play the piano with the key weight, finger technique, and console-style that will help them move to an acoustic piano.

The GHS key weight and touch sensitivity assist novices in mastering the finger strength and precision required to play an analog piano, but the LCD screen, duo mode, and demo songs make learning even easier.

It’s a terrific alternative for people who wish to learn the piano with the goal of playing a concert piano, or for those who need to move from an acoustic piano at school to a cheaper digital piano at home.

It’s also a terrific option for individuals looking for a little, portable piano to utilize in their home for simple enjoyment.

With the flexibility to regulate the level of play with headphones, a pianist may enjoy the piano without bothering others while still having the unique experience of gathering family and friends to hear and enjoy music in the comfort of their own home.

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Built-In Metronome

We used to practice our time and make sure we were playing at the correct pace with the tick-tock sound of a typical metronome.

A built-in metronome is included in all Lagrima pianos, as is the case with most digital pianos.

With the preset rhythms, you might put a rock or samba beat behind your guitar for a bit of diversity, and make sure you’re playing exactly on time to the beat!

Traditional wind-up metronomes, known as “old-style” metronomes, are still available and popular. If you’re intending to use your Lagrima for piano lessons, the metronome function will come in handy. You’ll quickly realize how vital precise rhythm and time are.


The soft pedal, sostenuto pedal, and sustain pedal are all available on LAGRIMA pianos. But what are the functions of the three piano pedals? As you go, you’ll need to learn how to operate the pedal.

The soft pedal (una corda), the sostenuto pedal, and the sustaining pedal are the pedals from left to right (damper pedal). If only one pedal is available, it will be the sustaining pedal, which is the most frequently used.

All of these Lagrima versions have a three-pedal board that is suitable for both beginners and advanced players. Different functions of the pedals are related to texture and dynamics (loud/soft).

You can see an example of how the writer would instruct the player to utilize the pedals on the image of the piece of music. You press whichever pedal is listed on the paper with those notes as you play the keys, and you raise as commanded on the sheet music.

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As your piano skills improve, you’ll learn more about the pedal system and how to use it as it’s written on music notation. Even though you don’t need the three pedals right now, you may need them later on in your piano learning adventure.


As you can see from the table above, some models include Bluetooth while others do not. You might think you don’t need Bluetooth… You might wish to use it to connect to some music or learning apps, but you can do so via the USB port.

Conclusion: Lagrima Piano 88 Key Digital Piano Review [2023 Review]

There is absolutely no more economical solution for the appealing look and style of a classic piano in your home than the LAGRIMA Digital Piano. It’s the market’s most approachable digital console piano.

At more than double the price, most keyboards only have a quarter of the functions. In its price range, this powerful, versatile, and attractive digital console keyboard just cannot be surpassed and is an excellent choice for piano enthusiasts everywhere.

We hope you liked our Lagrima Piano 88 Key Digital Piano Review review and it was helpful.

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