Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo [2023 Review]

Vox is a very well-known brand that is producing some reliable amps for guitar players. Among the ones that they have been selling, Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo seems like the one which gets the most attention from the users. However, you have to be sure that this amp is what you need before deciding to buy it.

The Pathfinder 10W delivers power to a 6.5-inch solid speaker. You can switch between a clean sound and a creamy warm VOX signature distortion with the Clean/Overdrive switch. You can also play blues or rock by increasing the gain.

Overall, we can say that Vox V9106 has lots to offer to players because it is totally a feature-rich amp that is worth the money.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo review for more information below. We will be looking at its features, pros, and cons to help you decide if this is the right amp for you or not.

Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo Review

About: Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo has many controls that offer complete freedom over your sound. Gain and Volume controls allow you to dial in the perfect sound, while the Treble and Bass EQ knobs provide a variety of tones. In addition to that, you can record yourself using the headphone jack if you might need to do so.

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Why Should You Buy Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo?

If you are into guitars, then you probably have heard of VOX amplifiers and their legacy. Often their products are packed with lots of features and they produce the sound of amazing quality.

Why VOX is famous is because their sound is really hard to mimic. If you want to sound like Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo, you should buy it. There is not another amp that might sound like this.

If you are wondering how this small amp can produce this much sound, do not be fooled by the size of the Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo because it is loud enough to fill a small-medium room, which makes it perfect for practice sessions.

Why Should You Buy Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo?

Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo is a simple and durable amp that you can use for many years thanks to its strong frame. If you are looking for a practice amp that you can use at home or for small performances, this one is a great choice.

The V9106 is a solid-state amplifier with a 6.5” speaker and a power output of 10 watts. If that sounds not enough for you, you should look into another speaker but this one is the best one for the ones who are looking for an amp for practice purposes.

Features, Controls, and Switches

You can clearly see that VOX had simplicity in its mind when producing Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo. It is easy to learn and use this amp, and it is functional because there are lots of features to explore.

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Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo has a headphone/line-out output jack as well as an input jack for your instrument. This part can also be used to record the music you are making or for headphones to have some silent practice sessions.

The features of Pathfinder Combo are extremely useful for daily use and practice scenarios. There is literally no other amp this better at this price range. Thanks to the Volume, Gain, Bass, and Treble controls, you can have everything you need for practicing your guitar skills.

As we have said before, this amp is really easy to use so you will learn how to adjust these settings in no time.

The Clean/Overdrive switch lets you pick between various tones. Overdrive has more gain than the other and it can give you the classic VOX punch. You can adjust these using the gain knob for more powerful sound.

The Treble and Bass controls can make your sound loud and scream, which is suitable for metal and rock music. You can also adjust it to be a dark tone with the knob right next to it.

And of course, the volume knob controls the output level. However, that is not the only feature this knob is responsible for. It can adjust and alter the music you are making drastically and give you control over what you are producing.

Sound Quality

VOX is a well-known brand and the sound quality is unquestionable. The tones are clear and bright, and you can produce the exact music type you want with precision.

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If you increase the gain, you will get a more crunchy and flexible sound. The overdrive can offer you a distinctive VOX sound with no flaws.

Since this is a 10-watt amp, we were really surprised by the sound quality because it has a lot of character and texture that we just were not expecting.

Conclusion: Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo [2023 Review]

Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo wins this review just by its design and distinctive look. However, that is not the only positive thing we can say about this amazing amp in our Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo review.

The sound of this amp is satisfying and there is a 6.5’’ speaker that is powered by 10 watts. We say that Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo deserves the money because it is so feature-rich.

IT has a clean and overdrive switch and controls for Volume, Gain, Bass, and Treble. Thanks to the headphone output, you can use that to connect your headphones for silent playing sessions or to record yourself.

Overall, Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo is a great amp that you can rely on and it is worth your money. We hope you liked our Vox V9106 10W Pathfinder Combo review and it was helpful.

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