Yamaha P45B Keyboard [2023 Review]

The Yamaha P45B Keyboard is an instrument that has been getting the attention of us and many other digital piano enthusiasts. That is the reason why we thought it might be a good idea to write this Yamaha P45B Keyboard review to eliminate this curiosity about the instrument.

The Yamaha P45B Keyboard is a useful digital piano with 88 notes and Graded Hammer comfort, which is different from an acoustic piano in that it is provided by an acoustic piano. To eliminate acoustic sound, the instrument uses the Advanced Wave Memory test.

Advanced Wave Memory test is a technique that produces significant, rich sound using a few signs obtained by unique mouthpieces. The Yamaha P45B Keyboard also has four-level material dependability for a more natural reaction.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Yamaha P45B Keyboard review for more information below.

Yamaha P45B Keyboard Review

About: The Yamaha P45B Keyboard is an 88-key weighted action digital piano with a large music library created with Yamaha’s Stereo Advanced Wave Management. The new Yamaha P45B Keyboard builds on the popularity of the Yamaha by providing an improved 64-note orchestration for a rich, deep sound.

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Features: The P45B is the newest model in Yamaha’s P-series line, and it is intended to replace and succeed the previous digital keyboard models. The new model has a modern design and a compact footprint, making it easier to transport and store at home and outdoors.

The Yamaha P45B Keyboard is an 88-key digital piano with built-in speakers and hammer action. The piano has a compact and lightweight nature based on this Yamaha P45B Keyboard review that we know many Yamaha pianos have.

One of the things we liked the most about the P45B is its portability. It can comfortably fit into smaller spaces and make a pleasant addition to the interior of your home.

The dimensions of the piano are 52.2 inches wide, 11.6 inches deep, and 6 inches tall. The P-45 is only 25 pounds and can be carried by one person.

For musicians and anyone who values versatility and portability, the piano will be an excellent option. According to our Yamaha P45B Keyboard review, the keyboard fits in most cars, you can easily transport it to performances or get it on the road.

Another reason we like this keyboard for beginners is that there are ten songs pre-programmed, as well as ten demos to play together with.

Beginners will benefit from this because they will be able to learn from songs when actually playing something according to this Yamaha P45B Keyboard review. You can also slow down the tracks, which will help beginners get a feel for playing at their own pace and progressively increase their speed as they progress.

This digital piano has ten instrument voices to choose from, so you can get exactly the sound you want every time you perform. We know that there are digital pianos with thousands of voices, but when you think of it you will never need more than a few.

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Many digital pianos, particularly those in this price range, lack eight octaves. However, this 88-key keyboard does have them and that is a huge thing if you ask us.

We think that we should mention in our Yamaha P45B Keyboard review that this is a full-size piano with eight octaves, allowing you to play even the most difficult parts. This is because, unlike other small digital pianos, this one is light and compact. So that will allow you plenty of space to play with both hands.

The Yamaha P45B Keyboard is another one of the company’s gems. When opposed to the other models, it has a number of improvements. It has been a hit for both beginners and more experienced piano players searching for a piano with fewer features and better sound quality.

The piano is equipped with the most up-to-date Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Technology, which allows it to make sounds that are as realistic as possible. You will find that the P45B provides an accurate acoustic sound if you are an experienced pianist.


  • Quality sound
  • Weighted keys
  • Portable design
  • Dual voice mode
  • Affordable price


  • Limited polyphony
  • Basic features
  • No built-in recording
  • Fewer instrument voices
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
Yamaha P45B Keyboard

Frequently Asked Questions: Yamaha P45B [2023 Review]

What is the Yamaha P45B Keyboard?

It is a digital piano keyboard, part of the Yamaha P-series, designed for musicians, students, and beginners. It’s known for its compact design and realistic piano sound.

How does the sound of the Yamaha P45B compare to an acoustic piano?

It aims to replicate the sound of an acoustic piano, and it does so quite well for its price range. While it may not match the depth of a high-end acoustic piano, it offers a realistic piano sound.

Can I connect the Yamaha P45B to a computer or external devices?

Yes, It has USB connectivity, allowing you to connect it to a computer for recording and MIDI purposes.

Does the Yamaha P45B come with a sustain pedal?

It typically includes a basic sustain pedal, but some bundles or retailers may offer additional accessories or upgraded sustain pedals.

Is the Yamaha P45B lightweight and portable?

Yes, It is relatively lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and suitable for musicians on the go

Can I use headphones with the Yamaha P45B?

Yes, It has a headphone jack, making it ideal for private practice without disturbing others.

Does the Yamaha P45B come with a warranty?

The warranty for the Yamaha P45B may vary depending on the retailer and region.

Conclusion: Yamaha P45B [2023 Review]

As we have mentioned before in this Yamaha P45B Keyboard review, the Yamaha P45B is an excellent musical device for learners who want to enjoy the performance of a real acoustic piano at a reasonable price.

It also has a lightweight, portable design that allows for easier carrying and makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  Overall, it is another popular addition to Yamaha’s iconic digital piano lineup that not only continues but builds on Yamaha’s name of quality.

The P45’s P comes from its Portability and it is the best beginner and affordable piano you can get. The Yamaha P45 Keyboard is the company’s best digital piano with fully-weighted hammer-action keys.

Because of its simplicity and low price, the piano has become very popular among beginners and intermediate players, not to mention the high quality and realism of Yamaha instruments. We hope you liked our Yamaha P45B Keyboard review and it was helpful.

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