Yamaha THR5 vs THR10 [2023 Review]

Yamaha THR5 vs THR10 are two new guitar amplifiers from Yamaha. They have many similarities along with their own unique features, so it is natural for beginners to feel confused whether to get THR5 or THR10. In this Yamaha THR5 vs THR10 review, we will explore their features in detail to help you out.

These amps are designed to provide you with the quickest and easiest way to get a nice, tube-like sound in the convenience of your home. They are both portable and packed with features, making them ideal for traveling or storing at home.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Yamaha THR5 vs THR10 review for more information below. We will be looking at their features to figure out which one is the most suitable for your needs.

Winner of Yamaha THR5 vs THR10: Yamaha THR10

The most important part of this Yamaha THR5 vs THR10 review is the part where we decide which one wins the battle of Yamaha THR5 vs THR10. According to our review, Yamaha THR10 wins it with a slight difference.

The Yamaha THR10, as previously stated, not only has more power but also more features than THR5. From super clean to overdrive to death metal, you will get a wide variety of tones with THR10.

Such versatility can be overwhelming for the beginner but it is really easy to learn how to use THR10, which is another plus. Yamaha THR10 makes it easier to control the map by providing five user presets.

Overall, Yamaha THR10 has more features and better sound quality compared to THR5. We recommend THR10 for both beginners and experienced guitar players.

Yamaha THR5 Desktop Guitar Combo Amp Review

Features: Unlike other practice amps, the Yamaha THR5 is a unique tool that everybody can use. This one has a metal case that houses two smaller speakers and stereo output. Along with that, the two 3.1-inch speakers, each of which produces 5 watts of power are incredibly effective and sufficient.

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Even for a practice amp, the amp falls to the smallest side possible since it weighs just 2kg. For those with limited space, the THR5 is the ideal amp to get. You can always find a place to squeeze this little tool.

The amp effects of THR5 are fine, and the control knobs can be used to produce a variety of tones. There are a couple more control knobs than the others on this one, offering more chances to you to express your own music.

The Amp knob of this device can be used to change the amp type. LEDs next to each amp style label show which amp style has been selected, which we think is a really helpful little detail.

The gain control knob comes next, which allows you to create different tones within each amp design. On the other hand, the master knob adjusts the volume of the selected amp, boosting the channel’s strength and allowing for more tone shaping.

Lastly, the control knob allows you to adjust how clean or dark the tone is. You can adjust that to your preferences without much trouble.

  • Organic sounding clean and overdriven tones
  • Compact battery-powered amp
  • Versatile
  • Durable build quality
  • Does not have many functions

Yamaha THR10 Modeling Guitar Amp Review

Features: THR10 is designed as an amp that is ideal for use in the home studio. It is a 10-watt tube amp that has Virtual Circuit Modeling that lets you choose from 5 distinct amp projections.

It also includes Cubase and a variety of amp models and effects, all of which are built-in so you do not need anything else. This model can also be suitable for any recording needs you might have.

We are not saying that THR10 can sound and feel like higher-end amps, but it definitely sounds just fine for the money you are paying for it. It can sound like the most famous ones with ease and this makes it a great tool for the ones who are looking for an amp to use at home.

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The THR10 is designed to look like a 1960s Japanese radio and we really liked this design. It has glossy sand-colored paint and is a cute little amp that would look great in any home.

In addition to all of these, THR10 is a really small and lightweight tool that you can store and place anywhere you like. The fact that you can run this amp with batteries adds points to its portability score.

The controls on Yamaha THR10 are easy to read and logically organized. There is a power switch on the left which you will be using the most.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Compact design
  • Can be used as a recorder
  • The casing has a plastic material

Yamaha THR5 vs THR10 Comparison

The Yamaha THR5 is a unique miniature amplifier. It has a hi-fi stereo sound with classic effects modeling and amps, as well as a pleasant recording interface and a comprehensive software package. This amp is ideal for home use but you can always take it to the studio if you want.

The Yamaha THR10 is bigger and it has more features than THR5. This is an amp that can be used for anything and it has a high-quality hi-fi sound and a wide range of audio effects. If you want to practice with some real sounds rather than imitations, both of these amps are ideal. They are also perfect for capturing and playing tones.

When you take the small and light frame of THR5 into account, it makes this amp extremely portable. THR5 has a smooth beige color and a unique chevron pattern. It looks aesthetically pleasing so we are sure every home can find a place for THR5.

If you look at Yamaha THR5’s warm, real, bright tones, and effects modeling, you can see that Yamaha really put some effort while producing this amp. THR5 has a built-in chromatic tuner. For more portability, you can run this amp for up to 7 hours on battery power.

The build quality of the Yamaha THR10 is exceptional and we can claim that it is better than THR5’s. The fact that THR10 is bigger than THR5 means that THR5 is more portable. However, the Yamaha THR10 can still be powered by AA batteries, so the only downside is the weight.

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In terms of build and design, the Yamaha THR10 is very similar to the Yamaha THR5. It has the same chevron grille design and warm beige color, so both of them are equally attractive.

You will benefit from the near-zero latency if you connect THR5 or THR10 to your other devices with a USB cable. Between the real sound and the recording, there is absolutely no pause or delay. In addition to all of these features, you can use both of them as monitor speakers.

Both of them come in handy if you frequently need to record your music. These amps can seamlessly blend the guitar output with the hi-fi stereo playback.

When it comes to sound properties, Yamaha THR10 has higher gain and bass levels. This amp also allows you to hear the guitar’s clean sound and effects so you can know what you sound like.

The effects are of Yamaha’s high quality for sure. Delays, reverbs, and mods are all fantastic.  However, the Yamaha THR10 has a cool feature that allows you to use reverb and delay at the same time.

More importantly, the Yamaha THR10’s ability to capture those tones via USB is a really useful one. Considering all of these, we can say that the Yamaha THR10 is a solid soundcard and monitoring device. It also includes Cubase AI, so you can get started recording right away.

The Yamaha THR10, like the Yamaha THR5, features authentic-sounding amp models that react like real tube amplifiers. It also comes with a VCM technology, so it is better than THR5 in that sense, too.

Both the EQ and gain structure of Yamaha THR5 vs THR10 perform exactly as we expected: in an amazing way.

Conclusion: Yamaha THR5 vs THR10 [2023 Review]

Overall, the Yamaha THR10 is the better option for pros and beginners alike. While the Yamaha THR5 has excellent sound quality, the Yamaha THR10 has better quality than THR5.

As you can see from this Yamaha THR5 vs THR10 review, THR10 beats THR5 in terms of power and functionality. The Yamaha THR10 is a multi-purpose amp that can be used as a recording interface as well as a display speaker so we are sure it will have a wider audience than THR5.

If you are in need of an amp that has different effects and features, you should go for Yamaha THR10. We hope you liked our Yamaha THR5 vs THR10 review and it was helpful.

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