3 Best Vocal Amps for Singers [2023 Review]

The best vocal amplifiers replicate a singer’s voice with crystal clarity and offer a variety of onboard adjustments. They must be portable yet powerful enough to project vocals for live performances.

It’s critical to choose an amp that’s designed specifically for projecting your voice if you want clean, well-rounded vocals. Many vocal amplifiers include EQ and effects to help you improve your performance.

We included 3 Best Vocal Amps for Singers in this article. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our 3 Best Vocal Amps for Singers review for more information below.

JBL Professional EON615 2-Way Multipurpose Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement, 15-Inch
  • Optimized for ideal acoustic resonance taking advantage of injection molding techniques and mechanical shaping of...
  • JBL engineers examined the radiation characteristics of the EON's high and low frequency drivers at 36 different...
  • JBL engineers developed an iOS and Android supported Bluetooth v4.0 compliant interface for controlling master...
Behringer Ultratone K900FX - 90W 12" Keyboard Amp
  • Revolutionary FBQ feedback detection system instantly reveals critical frequencies
  • Cd input allows you to play along to your favorite music
  • Full three- channel operation with separate volume and fx send per channel
Cube Monitor 30w (each, carton of 4)
  • Ultra-versatile monitor for studio, stage, and more
  • Legendary Roland quality
  • Get great instrument and vocal tones with stereo sound and built-in effects: overdrive, chorus, delay and reverb

Our Top Pick: JBL Professional EON615 2-Way Multipurpose Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement

Features: The Image Control Waveguide is a ground-breaking technology found in the JBL EON615 speaker. This basically eliminates the significant problem of poor audio quality dead spots depending on where a listener is standing.

To hear the best sound, you’d normally have to be in the sweet spot. The EON615, on the other hand, makes any location ideal for high-quality sound.

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In today’s music industry, this degree of fidelity is critical, especially when DJing. No matter where they are with respect to the speakers, listeners deserve to be able to clearly hear what you have to say.

Put your best foot forward at all times with your music, and you may acquire more admirers or gigs as a result. If you are looking for the 3 Best Vocal Amps for Singers, you should give this one a chance.

While the EON500 speaker series was unique when it first debuted, the 600 series is now a monster in terms of quality and performance, as evidenced by the EON615 15″ powered PA speaker.

Versatility is usually at the top of the list of desired features for any product. With a sleek, all-black grille, four strategically positioned grips, and molded indentation feet – excellent for storing as a secured stack – the enclosure design of the 15″ PA speaker has a cleaner, more professional appeal.

  • Waveguide technology improves clarity for all listeners
  • EQs have a practical design with handles for convenient transport
  • Bluetooth control allows you to fine-tune your sound
  • Can’t stream music


Features: It should be a challenge to push it to its performance boundaries with 90 Watts of power! This bass reflex 3-channel PA/keyboard amplifier features a strong original 12″ BUGERA TM speaker and a newly created 1″ tweeter for a
, unadulterated sound that’s ideal for your gigs.

The K900FX also includes a 3-channel mixer with separate volume controls and one FX Send connection per channel, as well as an extra XLR microphone input (channel 1) for a strong correlation of dynamic microphones.

An integrated 5-band graphic EQ adds the finishing touch to your sound. If you are looking for the 3 Best Vocal Amps for Singers, you should give this one a chance. In terms of sound quality, power, and value for money, the Ultratone K9000fx amp checks all the boxes.

It also comes with a three-year guarantee, a ‘Feedback Protection System,’ and three channels, allowing you to use it as a PA system as well as a piano amplifier. The Ultratone K900FX is yet another example of Behringer giving a higher power rating at the same price point as its competitors.

This is a 3-channel amp with a 12″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter that delivers 90 Watts of power. It also has Behringer’s FBQ Feedback Protection System and onboard effects.

This is a wonderful affordable personal PA and Keyboard Amp combination if you need to sing as well as play your instruments through your amp.

Best for Budget: Roland Cube Monitor/PA with 6.5-Inch Coaxial CM-30

Features: The CM-30 is designed for use in home studios and for a variety of monitoring applications, but it can also be utilized for live monitoring onstage.

The CM-30, like the rest of the CUBE family, is easy to move. This amp travels light and plays large from gig to gig and session to session. Its aluminum grill cover and protective corner covers are designed to endure the rigors of the road.

The CM-30 is well suited for home studio and monitoring applications, but it may also be utilized for onstage live monitoring.

With the CM-30’s integrated 2-band equalization, you can shape your sound. Low and high frequencies can be adjusted using dedicated knobs. The equalizer knobs, like all other settings, are conveniently situated on the front panel for simple access.

If you are looking for the 3 Best Vocal Amps for Singers, you should give this one a chance. Each CM-30 has three input channels: one XLR mic/line input and two extra Aux inputs that accept RCA pin (L, R) and stereo mini-phone connectors.

So you get four stereo inputs and one mono input with a single CM-30. Two CM-30s can be joined for real stereo output using the Stereo Link function, giving you a total of eight stereo inputs and two mono mic/line ins.

The CM-30 has enough inputs to connect a microphone, a keyboard, a rhythm machine, and a CD player at the same time, or to act as a compact PA rig.

  • Versatile and compact speaker
  • Easy to transport
  • Suited for home and monitoring apps
  • Distorted sound at times

Buyer’s Guide for 3 Best Vocal Amps for Singers

When selecting the best vocal amplifier for your needs, there are a few key characteristics to consider. The first three things that come to mind are clarity, volume, and tone.

Along with these fundamental traits, it’s critical to pick an amp with the processing options you require. You may modify the frequency response of the amp or speaker to suit your voice with onboard EQ modules.

Effects like reverbs and delays are also frequently used. These aren’t necessary if you prefer a clean tone, but if you want to soften your vocals with reverb or make them seem more ambient with delay, you should choose one that has these features.

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What is the difference of vocal amps?

Why can’t I just use a guitar amp for my voice, you might wonder? In theory, yes, but a guitar amp is tuned to amplify the frequency range of the instrument, whereas a vocal mic is designed to bring out the singer’s voice.

The lack of distortion is one of the key characteristics between a voice amp and a guitar amp. Effects can be added after the vocals have been cleaned up fully.

Most voice amplifiers have EQ channels that allow you to tweak the mix’s bass, mid, and treble to get the optimum balance and avoid clashing with the other instruments on stage.

Other instruments can be amplified by some voice speakers, but it’s vital to examine the frequency range because adding an instrument might occasionally drown out your singing.

Speakers of Good Quality

A voice amp’s performance is directly proportional to the speaker put within its chassis. Larger speakers, on the whole, demand more power and, as a result, can project your voice at higher maximum levels.

Some voice amplifiers come with a pair of speakers that are designed to boost the prominence of mid-range and high-end frequencies.

Outputs & Inputs

The advantages of a good vocal amplifier aren’t confined to live performances. They should also come in handy during rehearsals, composition, and recording. This multi-functionality necessitates a number of critical inputs and outputs.

Auxiliary inputs are a useful feature in vocal amplifiers since they allow you to connect an external source device, such as a phone or laptop, and utilize it to train your vocal abilities by playing backing tracks.

It must have the proper outputs to record directly from a vocal amplifier. Some can be connected directly to a computer or laptop, while others have a line output that can be fed into an audio interface for recording.

What is a vocal amp, and why do singers need one?

It is a specialized amplifier designed to enhance and project a singer’s voice during live performances or practice sessions. It helps singers cut through the mix of instruments and deliver their vocals clearly to the audience.

How much power do I need in a vocal amp?

The power you need depends on your performance environment. For small venues or practice sessions, 30-50 watts should suffice. Larger venues may require 100 watts or more for ample projection.

Are there amps with built-in effects for vocals?

Yes, many vocal amps come with built-in effects like reverb, echo, and chorus. These effects can enhance your vocals and add depth to your performance.

Can I connect instruments to vocal amps?

Some vocal amps have additional inputs that allow you to connect instruments like keyboards or guitars. Make sure the amp’s inputs match your needs.

Are there portable options for singers who travel frequently?

Absolutely! Many vocal amps are designed to be lightweight and portable. Look for amps with handles, wheels, or compact sizes for easy transport.

Can I use a regular guitar amp for vocals?

While you can technically plug a microphone into a guitar amp, it’s not recommended. Guitar amps are optimized for the frequency range of guitars and may not provide accurate or clear vocal amplification.

Are there budget-friendly options available for beginners?

Yes, there are affordable vocal amp options suitable for beginners. Look for well-reviewed amps with essential features that align with your needs.

Conclusion: 3 Best Vocal Amps for Singers [2023 Review]

Purchasing a high-quality amplifier or P.A. speaker for singing is a prudent decision. Vocal amplifiers are frequently disregarded in favor of instrument amplifiers. Choosing the perfect one for your voice will allow you to get the most out of it in a live scenario.

There is no poor option in our list so you can buy whichever you want from the options we included above. We hope you liked our 3 Best Vocal Amps for Singers review and it was helpful.

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