Darkvoice 336SE Headphone Tube Amplifier Review

In this DarkVoice 336SE tube amp review, we will present an unbiased assessment of the 336SE and explain why it could be the ideal amplifier for you. Tube amplifiers have made a comeback in the audio world after dominating the scene in the 1960s according to this review.

It is a tube headphone amplifier that delivers a pleasing blend of antique tube sound and modern headphone manufacturing. The warm tube tone that tube-modeled amps produced was an unforeseen effect.

These amps are in high demand nowadays because everyone likes the warm tone they produce. Of course, there are many more features that you will like about this amp. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Darkvoice 336SE Review for more information below.

Features of Darkvoice 336SE Headphone Tube Amp

The Darkvoice 336SE is by far the greatest of the headphone amplifiers you will ever own. Enjoy the tube sound, because 336 is not one of those vehicles that give you the worst sound possible. When you look at it, you can only expect good things because it also looks amazing.

Sound Quality

The headphones you are wearing will have a significant impact on the fine details of the sound. On the other hand, warms up the default sound of your headphones. The level of warmth you experience is also dependent on the music you are listening to.

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You will notice the warmth of this amp a lot more if you are listening to songs from the 1980s and 1990s. This is because music at the time was created using analog consoles and gear.

Those gears have a distinct warmth to them. Even if you use the amp with modern EDM and hip-hop music, it gives it a vintage air. The option to change the tubes is a great bonus that comes with using a tube amplifier like this. Changing tubes allows you to alter the amplifier’s overall sound signature.

Signal Path

Hybrid tube headphone amplifiers employ tubes as the first stage but use transistors to drive the headphones. This permits the output impedance to be as low as that of a solid-state amplifier while yet providing the “benefits” of tubes.

The signal path of the DarkVoice 336SE is entirely tubed. Output-Transformer-Less (OTL) is the configuration of this amp. A tube amplifier must prevent high-voltage DC from leaving the device while also lowering the tubes’ relatively high output impedance.

Luckily, Darkvoice 336SE can do that all fine. The most common way is to employ a transformer, however alternative methods are used in OTL designs. The benefit is believed to be the elimination of transformer nonlinearities.

Pros and Cons of Darkvoice Headphone Tube Amplifier

  • Size
  • Looks amazing
  • Tubes are located conveniently for changing
  • Tubes are readily available
  • Does not have an online manual
  • The manufacturer does not have a website

What to Look Out for When Buying Darkvoice 336SE Amplifier?

The disadvantages vary depending on the design, with high output impedance being the most prevalent. The power supply is provided by the large transformer. There are no safety markings on the machine. We recommend touching the chassis only when necessary and using only one hand if at all possible.

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The lack of a website by the maker is unfortunate according to this Darkvoice 336SE review. The Darkvoice, on the other hand, comes highly recommended. It is truly a monster of an amplifier.


The DarkVoice 336SE boasts a strong, all-metal frame. This increases the amp’s overall weight, but it is the only viable alternative. Because the amp generates a lot of heat, it requires a metal frame to survive a long time.

This DarkVoice amplifier is not something you can easily transport with your headphones. Because it is 5.5 kg, it should be placed on a table or comparable surface. Furthermore, once the amp is turned on, it warms up and becomes difficult to handle in a short period.

The fit and finish are satisfactory, although you are likely to have noticed the crooked power switch. The volume control is a little sluggish and stiff, but it works well.

Inputs and Outputs

A quarter-inch jack headphone plug-in in the front and an RCA input and output in the back are provided with this machine. The power cord is compatible with your area. In addition to inputs, since the unit has RCA outputs, you may use it as a pre-amplifier if you want.

Why should you buy Darkvoice 336SE?

The ability to replace tubes on the 336SE will appeal to audiophiles. This permits them to make a sound that is unique to them. Another noteworthy characteristic is the robust metal construction. You can tell you’re dealing with a tough unit just by looking at it.

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When it comes to sound quality, the 336SE delivers a detailed and well-balanced sound. It is versatile to work with any arrangement. This is why this amp sells a lot.

You get a good mix of classic vintage tube sound with this amp. In addition, the built-in tubes offer your music a warm, mid-range feel. It is one of the reasons the 336SE is so popular with audiophiles.

Conclusion: DarkVoice 336SE Review

Every audiophile understands the value of a power amplifier, and the DarkVoice 336SE is certainly one of them. It is a tube headphone amplifier with no output transformer (OTL). It is generally utilized in conjunction with a hi-fi stereo system.

This amplifier delivers a loud and clean sound without sacrificing quality. With the built-in tubes, the music comes alive with warmth and clarity in the mid-range. This is not a poor amp, so we recommend buying it if you are looking for the best one. We hope you liked our Darkvoice Review.

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