Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal [2023 Review]

Distortion pedals are very well known to guitar players and if you are familiar with them, you probably have heard of Wampler’s name. It is the best brand that you will come across in the market when it comes to pedals. In this Wampler Sovereign review, we will see if it also applies to this distortion pedal from Wampler.

Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal is at the top of every list of distortion pedals because it can offer distinctive and different sound styles to users. It has extremely diverse sound option choices and they cover from retro to high-gain distortion.

We know that there are many more pedals on the market and for that reason, it is really difficult to find a good one that stands out. However, you can see Wampler pedals have their own signature sounds and they come on top of every list for that reason.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Wampler Sovereign review for more information below. We will be looking at its features, pros, and cons to provide more information about this amazing distortion pedal.

Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal Review

About: This is a distortion pedal built to be so flexible that you will be surprised at how much you can get from such a small pedal. With Wampler Sovereign, you can form your tone with two gain knobs, a mid-contour, a bright switch ad a tone control knob. You can get almost any sound you want, from modern ones to classic ones.

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Features and Knobs

There are some interesting knobs on this small amp and we want to start this Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal review on those. They will help you quickly find your own style of music for sure. All of the knobs have their own job and they all sound amazing. What surprised us was the fact that all of these effects could fit in this small pack.

Since the size of Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal is relatively smaller, you will have no trouble placing this small pedal anywhere. This makes this equipment suitable especially for pedalboards.

The pedal is set up in Wampler’s standard style which consists of four knobs and two switches. On the left, there is a volume control knob which is very self-explanatory. On the right, there is the tone knob. Also, there is a gain knob right below the tone, and these are all pretty common in pedals.

The knob in the center is the most interesting one according to our Wampler Sovereign review. This knob allows you to adjust the amount of mid-range tones. You can shape your sound to be smooth or aggressive using this one.

You can also adjust the distortion level with this and it also has two switches called Bright/Even and Boost/Standard. The first one is shaping the color of distortion and the second is used for achieving more gain. This is where you will decide if you want to go for modern sounds or classic ones.

Lastly, there are 14’’ inputs and outputs, however, there is not a power supply included in the price, so it means that you will need to purchase it separately.

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Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal [2023 Review]

Sound Quality

According to our Wampler Sovereign review, it is really easy to learn how to use this pedal thanks to its easy controls and functional design. It is also an extremely powerful distortion pedal and it can offer a wide range of sound options without compromising quality.

Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal offers a variety of tones ranging from clean boost to retro crunch to high-gain metal tones. Unlike other pedals, Wampler Sovereign seems to not mimic the sound of other high-end pedals. It has a signature sound of its own that you cannot really find anywhere else.

The Bright and Boost switches can drastically change the sound of this pedal. The Tone and Mid Contour knobs are the ones to use if you want something more powerful in terms of sound. What we liked is, you can use these two knobs in any kind of amp and they will just sound the same and go well.

This pedal can operate in complete harmony with any tube amp and that is what makes Wampler Sovereign versatile equipment.


The only downside of the Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal is its price as we have to mention in our Wampler Sovereign review. The price seems a little high, but that has a logic behind it that we cannot deny. You should keep in mind that this small pedal has lots to offer and it is designed in a really compact and versatile way.

There are not many pedals on the market with such a wide range of features and you will see that we are telling you the truth if you do a little search on it.

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Conclusion: Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal [2023 Review]

Overall, the Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal is a magnificent pedal. In our simplest words, it is one of the most powerful pedals in the market according to this Wampler Sovereign review. It can give you a wide range of overdrive and distortion sounds and it does not only stop there. There are many features to this pedal that are left for the users to explore.

The pedal sounds remarkably organic even though this is an effect pedal. No matter how you adjust your settings, it seems like Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal will give you the brightest sound.

If you are looking for a versatile pedal that has lots of features in a small box, you should not search anymore. Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal is the best one you can find and it works great with any kind of amp. We hope you liked our Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal review and it was helpful.

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